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Conditions for entering and remaining in SciELO

Entrance criteria

1 . The journal must be presented at one of the regular calls for journals from the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET) and be approved by Council Resolution in order to be included in the Basic Core of Argentinian Scientific Publications. This does not imply a financing commitment from CONICET.

2. The editor must explicitly express their intention to enter their magazine in the SciELO collection, by e-mail to

3. The publication editor must manage the ISSN for the electronic version in the CNA-ISSN which operates at the Argentinian Centre for Scientific and Technological Knowledge (CAICyT).

Before beginning adjudication it is recommended that editors consult the CAICyT web page:

4. The journal must have been published for a minimum of two years or have published four issues.

5. The journal must have been published and updated on print, digital or electronic/online medium the last two years issues for the first time on the online submission into the SciELO-Argentina site.

Criteria for remaining in SciELO

1. The journal’s declared frequency must be respected in order to prevent the journal from being suspended from SciELO.

2. PDF electronic files with the latest editions of the journal must be sent to the CAICyT with the required update, according to the frequency of the publication in print or in electronic form on other portals.

3. The publishers must have staff available to be trained in the methodology and commit to technical processing for publication in SciELO. Training will take place at CAICyT, with a total duration of 18 hours over three days; 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm, with a one-hour break for lunch, provided by the Centre.

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