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Instructions to authors


Scope and Policy


The journal of the Asociación Física Argentina (ANALES AFA) publishes original articles in the field of physics in spanish, portuguese or english. The articles may be research, instrumentation or invited reviewpapers (at least 4 pages). The edition is quarterly.
The publication is open access through the web:
When submitting an article to the Journal, the author assumes the commitment not to have published it previously, and not to send it simultaneously to another journal. All articles that have been submitted for publication are checked by the editors with anti-plagiarism programs and then subjected to peer review, ie by specialized and independent referees.The editors of the journal take on commitment to keep their anonymity, and take the final decision on the publication of the article.
The partial or total reproduction of the content of the articles is authorized by citing the source: Revista de la AsociaciónFísica Argentina, ANALES AFA.
The cost of the publication appears on the website.
This journal provides free and immediate access to its content under the principle of making available free research to the public, which encourages greater exchange of global knowledge.



Form and preparation of manuscripts


Manuscripts should be submitted exclusively in electronic form as PDF. The submission can be on-line or by e-mail to the addresses:
analesafaba@gmail.com o analesafatan@gmail.com
Detailed instructions are available in the web page.
The texts that in the opinion of the reviewers designated by the Editorial Committee are considered original must be prepared, following the rules of the Instructions, in the form "Camera Ready" (see instructive on the website) in DOC format without numbering the pages.
Title, abstract and keywords are required in Spanish and English; the text should be in two columns and references of articles should be numbered consecutively, cited in the text as supra-index. The references of articles must contain the title.
Figures and tables must be clear and legible, contain captions and should appear inserted in a column, only in special cases in two.
The form available on the website where the payment commitment, upon acceptation of the paper, is assumed is requiredand the inclusion of names of possible reviewers is strongly suggested.





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