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Bi-annual scientific journal of the Fundación Miguel Lillo. Its objective is to disseminate original articles on geological and related sciences. The articles are reviewed by a member of the Editorial Committee (or by an Associate Editor) and by at least two external referees. Includes abstract in Spanish and English.
Scope and Editorial Policy

The Acta Geológica Lilloana only publishes original contributions related to geological topics. The Editorial Committee will review the clarity and consistency of submitted manuscripts and their compliance to editorial standards. Manuscripts that do not meet these standards will be returned without revision. All manuscripts will be submitted to peer-review.


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The articles published in the Acta Geológica Lilloana are indexed by:
Núcleo Básico (CAICYT)
BIOSIS Previews
Bulletin Signalétique
Periodica (UNAM México)
Referativny Zhurnal

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Authors are responsible of not infringing copyrights if third-party information is reproduced. Furthermore, presentation of articles to be published by the Fundación Miguel Lillo implies the transfer of author rights to the institution.



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