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Instructions to authors


Scope and policy


Apuntes de investigación del CECYP is a Social Sciences journal whose aim is to vindicate the craft, the practice of research and the intellectual discussion, expressed in the idea of Apuntes (notes). 
Each number is focused on a central topic or tema central, divided into its traditional sections: oficios y prácticas (crafts and practices) dedicated to the different aspects of research practice and methodology; taller (workshop) where research advances are commented on by other researchers; and lecturas en debate (readings on debate) with bibliographical reviews and criticisms.



Form and preparation of manuscripts


IMPORTANT: The digital document must be produced according to the following formal specifications:
The paper must be prepared with single space and in Arial font, 10 points.
In the central section,  the extension of the articles should not exceed the amount of 10,000 words. The notes to the section called Oficios y prácticas shall be in a maximum of 8,000 words. Book reviews allow a maximum of 5,000 words.
To ensure a blind review: the first sheet must include a cover page with the title and author's name and personal information, namely: a) the institution where they belong, b) issues on which specialize, c) the full address to which correspondence will be sent, d) email, e) telephone number. On the second page, the title is repeated and begins the article body.
Article Summary: up to 200 words. In Spanish and English.
Work Keywords: 3 to 5 concepts. In Spanish and English, separated by semicolons.
Footer Notes: a) shall be single spaced, Arial 8 points, b) with consecutive numbering, and c) in Arabic characters.
Logical hierarchy of titles: Title: Arial, size 12, bold; Caption 1: Arial, size 10, bold; Caption 2: Arial, size 10, italic; Body text: Arial 10, normal Notes: Arial 8, normal; Bibliography: Arial, size 10, normal, hanging indent.
Quotations: must be quoted. When they exceed the forty words (3 lines): a) shall be single spaced, b) shall not bear quotes, c) will be normally typed (not italicized or italics) and d) with double indentation (on the left and right margin). Read Style Guide.
Testimonials interviews: You must submit a separate paragraph. No quotation marks are used. Will be single-spaced; in italics or italics and double bleeding. We suggest using fancy names and reference for maintaining the confidentiality and safeguarding the privacy of respondents. See Style Guide.
References: In the text, must be based on criteria established by the system of the American Sociological Association (ASA). For example: (Touraine 1986: 73). See Style Guide.

Bibliography: be presented in alphabetical order by last name of the authors; when several works by the same author appear will be sorted in chronological order of publication farthest back in time to the most recent. In any case, it is necessary to follow the ASA system criteria.


Sending of manuscripts


Articles should be sent through the OJS system from the website of the journal.
Manuscripts written in another language should be sent preferably already translated into Spanish.



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