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Instructions to authors


Scope and policy


1. The reception of articles does not imply the obligation to publish them. The EditorialCouncil of the magazine is the one in charge of selecting those articles that merit publication according to stated criteria of quality and content.

2. Publication of the articles does not imply agreement with their content on the part of the editors, the Editorial Council or the Assessment Council. The author/s is/are sole responsible for the ideas, opinions, approaches, etc contained in them.

3. The articles must be original and new (=unpublished). Literature reviews, adaptations, translations, etc. will also be accepted, following the guidelines stated in #1.

4. The editors, after asking for advice to the Editorial Council, keep the right to accept and publish unoriginal works. The author/s will have to express this fact and include the corresponding bibliographical reference.

5. All articles submitted will undergo arbitration.

6. The contributions submitted, even if not published, will not be restored.

7. The Editorial Council assumes the right of not accepting for publication works that do not observe this regulation.



Form and preparation of manuscripts


1. Two (2) copies of the work must be presented in paper, letter size, typed with double space and numbered pages, in a file in Word file 6.0 or saved with an extension TIF or PCX in the case of graphics.

2. The title of the articles must be in English and Spanish, with a summary (in English and Spanish) of no more than 14 lines and 4 to 5 key words (in English and Spanish)

3. Charts and graphics will be included in separate sheets from the text with an indication of the corresponding sources.

4. Notes must be numbered respectively at the end of the work.

5. Bibliographical references have to be included in the text must contain the following information in the stated order: author's surname, date of edition and page number: egg. SCOTT, Joan). At the end of the article, it will be remit to a bibliography of the cited book with the following facts : a) author's surname (in majuscule) and the name in minuscule b) Date of edition between parenthesis, c) Title of the work in cursive.d) Place of edition e) Publishing House. f) Volume, tome, page number (if appropriate).
In the case of magazine articles, the title of the article should be between inverted commas.

6. Indicate after the title the academic facts about the author (University, Institution he/she belongs to, if he/she is a researcher, etc) as well as the features about the article presented (summary of a research work or an article, book, seminar, etc.)

7. Do not contain more than twenty (20) for the articles; four (4) for the notes, comments and bibliography.



Sending of manuscripts

  • Centro Interdisciplinario de Estudios de Género
    Facultad de Humanidades
    Universidad Nacional del Comahue
    Avda. Argentina 1400 - CP 8300 - Neuquén - Pcia. del Neuquén
    República Argentina
  • Área de Estudios Interdisciplinarios de la Mujer
    Departamento de Ciencias Sociales
    Universidad Nacional de Luján
    Cruce Rutas 5 y 7 - CP 6700 - Luján - Pcia. de Buenos Aires
    República Argentina
  • Instituto Interdisciplinario de Estudios de Género
    Facultad de Ciencias Humanas
    Universidad Nacional de La Pampa
    Coronel Gil 353 - CP 6300 - Santa Rosa - Pcia. de La Pampa
    República Argentina


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