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Basic Information

Ameghiniana is a quarterly journal that publishes original contributions on all aspects of the subject. It has undoubtedly become the main palaeontological publication in Latin America, based on the originality of its contents, the high quality of its illustrations and the rigorous review process of its articles. Usually the papers are published in Spanish, sometimes in Portuguese and there is a strong trend to include English as its second language, not only in the Abstracts and figure legends, but also in the main text.

Its abbreviated title is Ameghiniana, and it should be used in bibliographies, footnotes, references and bibliographic strips.



Information Services


The articles published in Ameghiniana are indexed or summarized by:

  • Bibliography and Index of Geology,
  • Biological Abstracts-Zoological Record,
  • Current Contents,
  • Geological Abstracts,
  • Gushengwuxue Wenzhai,
  • Pascal,
  • Referativny Zhurnal,
  • Research Alert,
  • Science Citation Index.

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Authors are asked to sign a release statement transferring copyright to the Asociación Paleontológica Argentina. A form is supplied upon completion of the review process. Information on copyright: name of the owner of the copyright, policy of the journal with respect to the photocopy of articles, and other matters, procedures of the journal etc.



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