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Instructions to authors


Scope and policy


1. Articles may be submitted by all Research Projects. Work will be accepted if corresponding to the director and team, while a second work corresponding to a research fellow will also be accepted.
2. Work should be original and unpublished, 1.5 spaced on A4 paper (21cm x 29.7cm), no longer than 20 pages, including personal references, graphs and tables.
An original copy should be sent, signed by the authors, with two copies. The copies should not include the authors’ names, so that the Evaluation Committee referees can perform the blind review. Authors should also send the original version on CD in Word for Windows format.
3. The original should be accompanied by an additional page with the data mentioned below.


4. Copies should be sent to the Evaluation Committee. Receipt will be acknowledged and authors will later be notified if the work is accepted, rejected or requires modifications. Originals will not be returned.
5. Articles may be: 1. Accepted for publication; 2. accepted if the modifications suggested by the referee are made; 3. rejected. In the first case, the Secretary will contact the author(s) to inform them that the work has been accepted. In the second case, the author(s) will receive an anonymous copy of the evaluation so that they may make the corresponding changes. The article should then be sent to the referee to verify that it is up to standard. Articles will be rejected if they have received two negative evaluations or have not satisfied the referee’s demands. If an article has a positive evaluation and another negative evaluation, a third referee will decide which evaluation he or she agrees with.

6. The opinions and content of articles published are the sole responsibility of the authors. In sending originals for publication authors imply that they accept these terms.



Form and preparation of manuscripts


1. The original should be accompanied by an additional page including:

    • Author(s)’s personal details (postal address, telephone and e-mail).
    • A brief, publishable CV.
    • Date manuscript sent.
    • Necessary statements for the proper publication of the work.

4. The order to be followed in presenting work is as follows:

    • Title in Spanish
    • Title in English
    • Abstract in Spanish of no more then 150 words. These abstracts will be published along with the work, and will be oriented for their publication in LATINDEX, PSICODOC and LILACS.
    • Keywords in Spanish
    • Abstract in English
    • Keywords in English
    • Text, left-justified.
    • Bibliographical references: Books should be cited by indicating: Surname and initials of author (year). Title. Place of publication: publisher. Periodicals should be cited thus: Surname and initials of author or authors (year), Title of publication, volume and/or issue, pages on which the work is found. For any queries regarding these guidelines, consult the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.
    • Notes and footnotes should be numbered sequentially, and go at the end of the work.
    • Tables and graphs go on pages separate from the text. These should be numbered and written in black ink with good contrast. They should be saved on a separate file on the same floppy disk as the work and should be ordered according to their appearance in the original with the necessary textual references, taking into account that each graph or table should occupy only one page each, inserting the corresponding page break.
    • It is hereby expressly stated that the version sent to referees for evaluation should be only the original and definitive version of the work, not permitting the inclusion or exclusion of absolutely any of the text at a later date, except for corrections and/or suggestions from the referees.


Project Title (Uppercase – Lowercase – bold, in Arial 12)
Director (Uppercase – Lowercase, in Arial 12)
Research fellow (if relevant)
Reference e-mail
Organization (Uppercase – Lowercase – bold, in Arial 12)
Abstract of no more than 400 words, containing: Objectives, methodology and State of Progress of Project (Arial 12)
The text should be left-justified, spaced.
A CD and signed, printed copy should be sent.



Sending of manuscripts


Research articles, abstracts and states of progress may be submitted by teaching and research staff participating on research projects corresponding to
• UBACyT program
• PROINPSI program
• CONICET projects
• ANPCyT projects
• UBACyT research scholarships, categories Stimulus, Master’s and Doctorate.
• CONICET grants
• ANPCyT grants
All submissions should correspond to research projects based at the Faculty of Psychology - Research Institute- and should demonstrate the scientific production of the year corresponding to each call for submissions.
Up to 2 (two) articles will be accepted for each project, including work by research fellows.
Submission dates: to be confirmed at www.psi.uba.ar



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