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Instructions to authors


Editorial scope and policy


The Articles section only considers unpublished work on Argentinian and Latin American history. The Notes and Debates section publishes original essays which cover relevant historiographical debates. The Meetings and Congresses section provides information on major research conferences and academic events relating to Argentinian and Latin American history in Argentina. The Reviews section contains reviews of recently published books which stand out for their contribution to Argentinian and Latin American history.



Format and preparation of manuscripts


Work for publication must be sent to: Secretario de Redacción del Boletín del Instituto de Historia Argentina y Americana "Dr. Emilio Ravignani", 25 de Mayo 217, 2°, piso, 1002, Capital Federal, Argentina. Authors must bear in mind the following recommendations for presenting work:

  1. Three copies of the work must be sent to the journal’s Editorial Committee for consideration by external reviewers.
  2. The text should be typed, double-spaced letter paper, on one side only with reasonable margins.
  3. The length of the work must not exceed 40 sides (65 spaces by 27 lines, including notes, tables, graphs, etc.); for the “Notes and Debates” section, 20 sides, and for bibliographical reviews, 5 sides.
  4. Manuscripts by Argentinian and Latin American authors must be written in Spanish.
  5. Tables and graphs must be included on separate pages, and any graphs or maps should be included in the final version so that these can be reproduced directly.
  6. Bibliographical citations and notes must be included at the end of the text, on separate pages and in the following order: a) author’s name and surname, b) title of work underlined, c) volume, etc. (abbreviated as vol., p., etc.), d) place of publication, e) publishing house or editor (where necessary), date, or year of publication; and g) number of pages.
  7. Where articles are cited, the same order is used as indicated in 6), citing in inverted commas the title of the article and underlining the title of the journal it was taken from. Where a reference to a book or article is repeated, do not use references such as “ob. cit.”, “ibid.” or similar, but rather cite the first words of the title, followed by suspension points.  
  8. Issue numbers should be Arabic and abbreviated (iss. 2); volumes should be Arabic and abbreviated (vol. 3); where the Spanish term “tomo” is used it should be written in full with a Roman numeral (tomo x); page is abbreviated as (p.8) and pages as (pp.8-19).
  9. Foreign cities and organizations which have a translation in Spanish should be written in Spanish, if the author’s work is written in Spanish.      
  10. Citations must not carry suspension points indicating omission of text at the beginning and end; in the middle of the citation, the omission should be indicated with suspension points in square brackets.
  11. Expressions which indicate decades should be written as: “la década de 1980”; “los años ochenta”; “la década del ochenta”. For periods, write “el período 1930-1937” and not “1930-37”, If presenting the text on a floppy disk, indicate the platform (PC or Mac), the program it was created in and the program version, and the format for tables, graphs or maps (TIFF, EPS, PICT, etc.)

Sending manuscripts


Work for publication should be sent to: Secretario de Redacción del Boletín del Instituto de Historia Argentina y Americana "Dr. Emilio Ravignani", 25 de Mayo 221, 2 piso, C1002ABE, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

email juliodjend@yahoo.com.ar / ravignani@retina.ar


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