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Instructions to authors


Scope and editorial policy


Cuadernos de Antropología Social publishes original articles, lectures, interviews, Translations, book reviews and debates.
Work presented should have a maximum length of 20 pages (including notes and bibliography), size A4, with 2.5cm margins (upper, lower, right and left), double-spaced in font Garamond 12/14. Send an original, two copies and floppy disk in Word, using TIF and BMP for images. Use a Spanish keyboard, or if this is not possible, write letters with their accents and the “ñ” in ASCII code.
Work that does not meet current editorial norms will not be accepted.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

  1. Title in uppercase/lowercase, no underlining.
  2. Author(s), in the right-hand margin, with asterisk to footnote indicating title, position, place of work and/or organization, e-mail address, date written and date sent.
  3. Abstracts of no more than 150 words in Spanish and English. Include five key words in both languages.  
  4. Text, with main subheadings in the left-hand margin, in uppercase/lowercase, no underlining (use Versales font) for main subheadings).
  5. Textual quotations: these should be separate from the body of the main text, maintaining the spacing, in inverted commas for the whole quotation.
  6. Tables, graphs, photos and illustrations should be separate from the text and numbered in the order in which they should appear in the text, be good printed originals to be scanned and processed, taking into account the size of the publication. Do not use greyscale or colour as these do not come out well in printing. 
  7. Bibliographies should be included at the end of the article, following the author-date system with uppercase/lowercase in the following order: Surname and full name of author (date), Title. Publisher, City. Book titles should be in italics. Titles of magazine articles or book chapters should go in inverted commas, while the names of journal/books should go in italics.

All authors should be cited. For journal articles and book chapters include page numbers.
Menéndez, Eduardo (1980). Poder, estratificación y salud. Análisis de las condiciones sociales y económicas de la enfermedad en Yucatán. La casa chata. CIESAS, México.
Espeleta, Justa y Elsie, Rockwell (1983). "Escuela y clases subalternas". In: Cuadernos políticos, 37, Ed. Era, México, 71-80.

8. Quotations should be indented on both sides, should be marked exclusively in the original print, not on the floppy disk.
Highlight text with italics.
Do not use underlining for highlighting.
9. Footnote numbers in the text should be in superscript. If at the end of a sentence they should go after the full stop.
10. Footnotes themselves should be typed in a separate file or at the end of the article -before the bibliography- following the same guidelines as for the text. Do not use the Word command for footnotes or notes at the end of the text.
11. Attach a brief CV, personal address, telephone and e-mail address.
12. Do not use bold.
13. Book reviews should follow the guidelines for publication of articles (A4 size, with 2.5cm margins (upper, lower, right and left), double-spaced and font Garamond 12/14. Reviews should not exceed three pages.
14. Theses abstracts of no more than 150 words.


Sending manuscripts


The Editorial Committee will check that articles presented are in line with the journal’s editorial line and aims, the theme of the issue and present publication guidelines. Publication of work is subject to a review process external to the Editorial Committee, to guarantee authors’ and reviewers’ anonymity.
Write to: Sección de Antropología Social – Puán 470 Piso 4to. Of. 404 – Tel.: 4432-0606 int. 192 – E-mail: seanso@filo.uba.ar




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