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Instructions to authors



Collaboration guidelines
  1. All articles will be submitted to external review by one of the members of the journal’s Scientific Committee.
  2. Articles should be sent on 3.5” floppy disks, in Word for Windows up to version 7.0, accompanied by a paper copy.
  3. The title of the work should appear at the start, in uppercase and in the middle of the page. At the end of the article include on the right the author’s name and surname, and below this the organization in which he or she works, in italics.
  4. The TAB key can be used at the start of the paragraph, if it is indented. Only hit ENTER at the end of the paragraph, not at the end of each sentence. When citations are indented on both sides, mark this in the original print but not in the disk.
  5. Upper, lower, right and left margins should be the standard margins for the word processor. Do not use other margins.
  6. Use normal letter type and size (preferably Times New Roman, single-spaced).
  7. Graphs or images should always go in separate files, so that the printers can put them in the right place. If including tables, type per column and not per sentence.
  8. Notes should go at the foot of the page. Bibliographical citations should start with the author’s surname, followed by a comma and initial (all in small capitals). The book title should be in italics. Then indicate place of publishing, publisher and date. Journal articles go in inverted commas and the journal name in italics. Then indicate the journal issue number and year of publishing. The expressions op.cit., ibidem, should always be in italics. To indicate the page in singular and plural, use p. and pp. respectively.
  9. All articles should be preceded by a brief abstract in Spanish and English, no longer than 200 words, with 4 or 5 key words in both languages.


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