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Instructions to authors


Scope and policy


Ciclos en la historia, la economía y la sociedad is an academic space for the publication of research papers of argentine and foreign authors from different social sciences, with reference to contemporary issues and historical perspective.
Historical and current problems of Argentina and global reality are developed inside its pages, trying to stimulate wider debate of ideas, being open to all intellectual and academic people, with the only selective criteria of theme relevance and analytic rigor.



Form and preparation of manuscripts


Authors must send the original on A4 paper, in Times New Roman 12, footnotes in Times New Roman 10, justified aligned text, double-spaced; clarifying the nature of the partnership (article, book review, etc.), author name, address, phone, email, in a previous page.
Also include the corresponding file in Word format.



Sending of manuscripts


The maximum length of articles is 30 pages (60,000 characters) including graphs, charts, quotes and bibliographic notes. Notes and Communications: maximum 10 pages (20,000 characters). Bibliographical essays and debates: maximum 7 pages (14,000 characters). Book reviews: 4pages (8,000 characters).

Tables and figures: must specify units in which the values ​​are expressed and relevant sources. Graphics should be accompanied by its respective data tables.

A brief summary of about 20 lines, in spanish and english, must precede the principal text. Explanatory notes (thanks, previous versions, etc.), are indicated with an asterisk in the title, referring the footer. The institution to which the author belongs is indicated by double asterisk in the name of the author, referring to the foot.

Citations and bibliographical notes: numbered consecutively in arabic numerals, observing the following methodology of appointment:
Books: name of author, title in italics, place and year of publication, page (p.) or pages (pp.) above, if applicable, and year of the original edition if this data is significant.
Articles: name of author, title of article in quotation marks, title of the publication in which it was published in italics, place and year of publication, volume, number, date of publication, page (p.) or pages (pp. .) above, if applicable.
Only if it is necessary, include a bibliography at the end of the work, arranged alphabetically by author (last name, title, place and date of issue).

Book reviews will be headed in the following order: first and last name of the author or authors of the book under review, title in italics, place and year of publication, number of pages, at the end of the paper, name and surname.



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