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Darwiniana is a half-yearly botanic publication of the Darwinion Botanic Institute, National Counseling of Scientific and Technical Researches (CONICET) - National Acadamey of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences. Its mission is to publish original scientific papers and reviews from different areas of the botanical issue with the exception of those which nature are agronomical and applied botanical research (of direct transfer). Main articles are usually included in the following sections: Structure and Development; Reproductive Biology; Ecology and Phytogeography; Etnobotany; Genetics; Systematics and Taxonomy of Vascular Plants; Systematics and Taxonomy of non Vascular Plants. The Editorial Board may publish book reviews, obituaries, communications to the subscribers, and the instructions to authors in the section "Miscellany".

Its abbreviated title is Darwiniana and it should be used in bibliographies, footnotes, references and bibliographic strips.



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The articles published in Darwiniana are indexed or summarized by:

  • BIOSIS/Biological Abstracts,
  • BIOSIS Previews,
  • CAB Abstracts,
  • Economic Botany Database (Kew),
  • EMBiology,
  • Fuente Académica,
  • Index to American Botanical Literature,
  • The Kew record of Taxonomic Literature,
  • Periódica,
  • Plant Morphology (Kew),
  • Redalyc (recientemente aprobada, todavía no disponible),
  • Referativnyi Zhurnal,
  • Scopus,
  • VITIS-VEA: Viticulture and Enology Abstracts.

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