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Instructions to authors


Scope and editorial policy


Delito y Sociedad. Social Science Journal is a biannual publication of Curriculum of Social Control (PECOS) that develops in the Research Institute Gino Germani and the cathedra "Crime and Society: sociology of the penal system", both of the Faculty of Social Sciences . University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.



Form and preparation of manuscripts


All works must considerate for their presentation the following recommendations:

  1. Every work which applies to be published must be original and unpublished. 
  2. Three copies will be sent: two printed copies to anyone of the previously named addresses and one in digital format by e-mail.
  3.  The work’s extension must considerate as a maximum limit: 75.000 characters without space for articles and investigation advances, 50.000 characters without spaces for bibliographic essays and 25.000 characters without space for book’s commentaries. 
  4. The works –with the exception of book’s commentaries- must be followed by: a) its title, both English and Spanish; b) an abstract of no more than 200 words in Spanish and English; c) the institutional references of the author with the postal code, telephone and an e-mail address.
  5. Graphics will be included in separates pages from the text, numbered and properly titled. All graphics must be laser-printed. 
  6. For bibliographic references, the angloamerican system will be used.  The reference in the body text or the footnote will be composed by: parentheses, surname of the author, comma and year of the publication followed by two dots, number of the page and closed parentheses. For example: (Foucalt, 1989: 198).
  7. The bibliography will be included by the end of the work, alphabetically organized by author. If it is related to a book, the reference will follow the next order: a) surnames and the author’s name(s) initial followed by two dots; b) book’s title in italic followed by a comma; c) editorial, followed by a comma; d) edition’s place followed by a comma and e) the work edition’s date followed by a dot. For example: Focualt, M.: Vigilar y castigar. Nacimiento de la Prisión, Siglo XXI Editores, Buenos Aires, 1989. If it is concerned to a book’s chapter, the reference will include this order: a) surnames and names of the author, followed by two dots; b) the chapter’s title between quotation marks, followed by a comma; c) the “in” word; d) surname and initial of the compiler’s name(s) (between parenthesis), followed by two dots; f) book’s title in italic, followed by a comma; i) work’s edition date followed by a comma; j) the number of the beginning page and the number of the end of the chapter’s page. For example: Downes, D.: “Visions of penal control in the Netherlands”, en Torny, M. (ed.): Crime, punishment and politics in comparative perspective, The Chicago University Press, Chicago, 2007, 36-65. If it is an article, the reference will include this order: a) surnames and initial of the author’s name; b) article’s title between quotation marks, followed by a comma; c) the journal’s name in italic, followed by a coma; d) edition’s date followed by a comma; j) page’s numbers of the beginning and the end of the article. For example: Melossi, D.: “La radicalización (embededness) cultural control social (o de la imposibilidad de la traducción)”, Delito y Sociedad. Revista Sociales, 1997, año 6, nº 9-10, 65-84.
  8. For your publications approve, all works will be considerate by the Editorial Council and the external evaluators through an arbitration system that will guaranteed the anonymity of the texts subjected to evaluation.
The journal will not be responsible for the unpublished works nor is it forced to keep correspondence with the authors about the selection’s final decision.



Sending manuscripts


All works that request to be published must be sent to anyone of these both addresses:

Juan S. Pegoraro
Delito y Sociedad. Revista de Ciencias Sociales
Congreso 2491
(1428) Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Email: pegoraro@retina.ar

Máximo Sozzo
Delito y Sociedad. Revista de Ciencias Sociales
Cándido Pujato 2750
(3000) Santa Fe, Argentina

Email. msozzo@fcjs.unl.edu.ar



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