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The Ecological society of Argentina (AsAE for its initials in Spanish) is open to anyone interested in the goals of the AsAE. For further information, send an e-mail message to: info@asaeargentina.com.ar.

Payment of the yearly subscription is required to become a member of AsAE. All members that have paid for the subscription will receive the AsAE publications edited in the corresponding year. To be considered a member, subscription must be paid.


Active member - $300
Undergraduate student member - $150
Members outside Argentina - U$S 50
Libraries in Argentina - $200
Libraries abroad (Latin America) - U$S 100
Libraries abroad (outside Latin America) U$S 200

The online SciELO version of Ecología Austral (en línea), prepared using a methodology developed by FAPESP/BIREME Project of Electronic Journals, and including the complete text of articles, is available for free.



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