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Instructions to authors


Scope and policy


All articles sent to be considered for publication in ENFOQUES must be original and unpublished and they cannot be sent simultaneously to other journals or editorial organizations to be published.
The manuscripts are peer reviewed by a member of the Scientific Advisory Board or another expert on the subject area, according to the specialty or orientation of the article. Since ENFOQUES has adopted the systems of anonymous peer review, the identity and other information that would identify the author will have to be written on a separate paper, including the author’s full names, institutional affiliation, title of the manuscript, complete address (including e-mail) and the résumé with publications, academic degrees, occupation and other basic information you may consider relevant.

The results of the peer review process will be informed to the author/s. The results may be the following: (a) the article is accepted without modifications, (b) the article is accepted with minor modifications, (c) the article is accepted with major modifications, (d) the articles is not accepted.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

  1. Works must be sent by email, preferably in Microsoft Word.
  2. The length of the article should not exceed 12,000 words; in A4-size paper; double-spaced; in Times New Roma, 12-point font or an equivalent; numbered pages; and with margins of at least 2,5 cm. Quotes (longer than 4 lines) will appear in single space, indented and in 10-point font. Discussion works will have a limit of 3,000 words and book reviews should not exceed 2,500 words. Words and phrases in bold should be limited to the minimum. Foreign words are introduced in italics. The Editorial Board reserves the right to consider the publication of manuscripts that exceed these limits.
  3. With the works, the authors must send an abstract of no more than 100 words and 5 keywords which will be used as subject terms, both in Spanish and English. When possible, the English abstract will be included with the Spanish version.
  4. The style of the journal is based on the Manual of Style, 14th Revised Edition, published by the University of Chicago. Notes and references are included in a footnote, in consecutive numeration and in 9-point font, as follows:
    Martin Seligman, Optimism (New York: Pocket Books, 1998), 57.
    Robert Brown y Charles H. Bernard, “The relationship between self-concept and academic achievement”, Journal of Experimental Education 37, 3 (May 1997): 143.
    Collective Books:
    Jürgen Habermas, “The Public Sphere”, in Contemporary Political Philosophy, ed. Robert E. Goodin y Philip Pettit (Cambridge: Blackwell, 1997), 128.
  5. Once the author is notified about the publication of the article, modifications and additions will not be admitted.
  6. The journal does not guarantee the return of works sent for publication.
  7. The journal reserves the rights to publish an article that may consider convenient, in agreement with its editorial profile, its needs and publication possibilities.
  8. Once the original copy is sent, authorization is granted to publish the article and to make it available online, without the payment of any royalty.
  9. Every author will receive two copies of the journal and 20 offprints of the article free of charge.


Sending of manuscripts


The works must be sent to:

E-mail : enfoques@uap.edu.ar




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