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Instructions to authors


Scope and editorial policy


There will be accepted works written so much in Spanish as Portuguese. The evaluation will realize for the system of double blind referato. The presented works that do not contemplate the requirements that are specified will not be considered for the evaluation. The publication of the articles will be subject to the previous approval of the Publishing Commission. Then there will be sent evaluation of at least two external assessors from criteria of thematic affinity. The final acceptance of the articles will depend on the recommendation of the assessors, who will suggest the adjustments necessary for the publication.


Form and preparation of manuscripts


For articles: In the first page there will have to consist the title of the work and a summary of the
work in Castilian or Portuguese, and English of 150-200 words and 5 key words.

The notes will be included at the end of the work, and be used when it is strictly necessary
to offer information parallel to the text. One asks not to realize appointments containing
bibliographical references, in this case there corresponds what continues.

The citations inside the text must obey the following procedure: an author (Weinberg, 1984);
two authors (Kaufmann and Doval, 1997); three or more authors (Area et to., 1998). For different
works of the same author and with the same date, they will be distinguished by minuscule letters
after the date

For indirect citation: The educational dominant Latin-American model from 1880 until 1980 it was
recognized as SIPCE (Puiggrós, 1994, p. 17).

Direct citation of less than three lines: Following Gregorio Weinberg's proposition, " this is
the 'model' who grants sense to the educational process, and it is depending on the same one that
corresponds to evaluate the results " (Weinberg, 1995, p.16).

Direct citation with more than three lines, in Arial 10, without space and with left bleeding to the
paragraph of 2:

The bibliographical references must be indicated by the surname of the author and the year of
publication indexed in brackets. If there is indexed more than one work of the same author and
of the same year the letters must be included to, b, c, etc. After the year of publication. Only the
mentioned bibliography will be listed. It will be detailed at the end of the work and following the
following procedure:

The articles submittedfor publication will have to be unpublished and original (not to have be
presented to another publication for his arbitration).The copyright of all the articles accepted for
his publication belong to the SAHE.

Sections: EDIORIAL HOUSE - SPECIAL GUEST - ARTICLES - REVIEWS (thesis of doctorate and / or

We Propose the following extension for the presentations: - articles, from 30.000 to 60.000
characters with space –

reviews of thesisorate, from 5.000 to 10.000 characters with space. It will have record in addition:
director/a, members of the juror and his institutional inscriptions, place and date of filing of the
thesis. –

bibliographical comments, from 7.000 to 14.000 characters with space

- reviews of events, from 3.500 to 6.000 characters with space


Sending manuscripts


Shipments will be sent to the following address:

Director Editorial Anuario de Historia de la Educación
Dr. Pablo Pineau

Facultad de Filosofía y Letras
Instituto de Investigaciones en Ciencias de la Educación, Off. 426 (Appeal)
Púan 480
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

You must also send a mail to the mail informing postage and enclosing both documents at the same orders. Only with the fulfillment of this condition is the work received.

For all other writings should be sent via e-mail.

Papers presented not applying the requirements specified will not be considered for evaluation.
The publication of the articles shall be subject to the prior approval of the Editorial Board. After assessment will be sent at least two external reviewers from thematic affinity criteria. The final acceptance of the items will depend on the recommendation of the evaluators, who will suggest adjustments to the publication.



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