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Mora (Buenos Aires) en línea is the main publication of the Instituto Interdisciplinario de Estudios de Género at the Facultad de Filosofía y Letras de la Universidad de Buenos Aires. It is a journal devoted to the discussion of new writing and current ideas in the fields of Women Studies, Gender and Feminism. Mora aims to open intellectual turf for methodologies and concepts elaborated from a definite cross-disciplinary perspective. The journal also publishes Spanish versions of texts not hithereto available in translation and original contributions, written not only by Academics, in a domestic and international context. An annual journal until 2010, from now on it will be published on a biannual basis. Its abbreviated title is Mora (on line), as it should be quoted in bibliographies, footnotes, references and bibliographical strips.

Frequency: six-monthly (2 issues/year).

Its abbreviated title is Mora (B. Aires. En línea), and it should be used in bibliographies, footnotes, references and bibliographic strips.



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Mora maintains a commitment to the policies of Open Access to scientific information, as it considers that both scientific publications as well as research investigations funded by public resources should circulate freely without restrictions.

Mora ratifies the Open Access model in which scientific publications are made freely available at no cost online, with no time embargos and with no publication costs transferred to the authors. This policy seeks to dismantle the economic barriers that have created inequalities in the access to both information and the ability to publish investigation results




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