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Instructions to authors


Form and preparation of manuscripts

Processor: Microsoft Word 6.0 or later.
Font: Times New Roman 11.
Spacing: single, no indent
Paper size: 21 x 29,7 cm
Margins: upper 3cm; lower 3cm; left 3cm; right 3cm.
2. Abstract and keywords: Include abstract of 7 lines maximum (420 characters) and 5 keywords in the following languages: Spanish, French and English.
3. Notes: at foot of page.
4. Citations: in the body of the text in Times New Roman 10, leaving 5 spaces in the margin on each side of the page.
5. Bibliography

Author - date - book title - Publisher - Place
BOURDIEU, P  (1985): ¿Qué significa hablar? – Akal - España
References in the text:
-“citations” .......................... (Bourdieu 1985: 45)
-repetition of citations: only add year and page (1985:98)
Book chapters:
Author - date - “Chapter title” - in Book title - Publisher - Place
DENNY, J.P.(1995): "El pensamiento racional en la cultura oral y la descontextualización escrita" en Cultura escrita y oralidad - Olson, D. y Torrance, N. (COMP) -Gedisa. Barcelona.
Journal articles:
Author - date - “Article title” - Journal name - Volume - Publisher - Place - pages
POTTIER, B. (1970): "Le domaine de l'ethnolinguistique" - Langages N018 - Larousse – París ( pp. 3-11)
Online documents: cite web page.



Sending of manuscripts

The text should be sent to hvazquez@citynet.net.ar or apbigot@citynet,net.ar. Include the Institution the author belongs to, postal address and e-mail. Authors are advised not to exceed 30 (thirty) pages on the paper size indicated. Work will be evaluated by two referees competent in the issue in question.




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