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PROPUESTA EDUCATIVA (EDUCATIONAL PROPOSAL) is a publication from the Education, Knowledge and Society Program from the Education Area of the Latin American School of Social Sciences (FLACSO) - Argentina. It is an academic journal focusing on education-related issues of interest to researchers, school administrators, supervisors, teachers, professors, and undergraduate and graduate students. The journal features never-before-published research articles and insights into educational issues, both from Argentina and abroad.
It was first released in 1989, i.e. we have been present in the academic field of education for three decades now.

Our journal is published twice a year and, from its 38th issue, it is only available online. All journal sections are available on our website.

Journal sections include a thematic dossier, book reviews, discussions on conferences and seminars, and two new sections —thesis reviews and articles from young researchers. The journal also features interviews and articles never-before-published in Spanish.
The journal is included in the Basic Core of Argentine Scientific Journals (CONICET Resolution 952/10).



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  • The journal is included in the Basic Core of Argentine Scientific Journals (CONICET Resolution 952/10).

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