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Instructions to authors


Scope and policy


POSTData is an academic journal about political science. Created in 1995, it has emerged as an answer to the absence of articulation of the Argentine political science’s field, with the aim of stregthening a space for the transmission of academic production (both local and international) and for the developing of bonds between local political scientists and academic institutions in Argentina. Since its creation, POSTData has been edited by the Grupo Interuniversitario POSTData, without any formal support.

For 15 years, POSTData has been produced on an anual basis, and recently it has turned into a six-monthly one. The journal currently performes a leading role in Argentine political science’s journals, and it does also reach a regional scope. Its areas of interests include epistemology, methodology, party systems, electoral systems, political representation, democratic theory, international relations, state and bureaucracy, economic reforms, government processes, etc.



Form and preparation of manuscripts


We suggest to stick to the following recommendations:

- Articles should not exceed 4,000 words; book reviews should not go beyond the 1,300 words.

- Any explanation regarding the article, as well as the institutional mememership of the author, should be entered by an asterisk (and double asterisk if necessary) referred from the title or the author's name, respectively, at the end of first page. 

-Bibliographic references should follow the "american" format: author's surname, year, number of page after colon, in the case of quotations. For example:   

Several Latin American countries are cases of delegative democracy (O'Donnell 1997)

"The president is considered as the embodiment of the nation and as the prime designer and guardian of its interests" (O’Donnell 1997: 293)

 -In the bibliography section, references should observe the following order, separated by commas: surname of the author, name of the author (both of them in bold font), year (between brackets), title of the work (quotes if it is an article, italic fonts if it is a book or the title of a published work) volume, etc., place of publication, publisher. For example:

O'Donnell, Guillermo (1997) "¿Democracia delegativa?", in O'Donnell, Guillermo, Contrapuntos. Ensayos escogidos sobre autoritarismo y democratización, Buenos Aires, Paidós.

- All articles must be accompanied by a summary written both in English and Spanish, of up to 150 words each, and by 5 key words written in both languages as well.


Sending of manuscripts


Papers submitted for publication should be sent either to "POSTdata-Revista de Reflexión y Análisis Político, Ladines 2523 D (1419), Ciudad de Buenos Aires” or by electronic communication to colaboraciones@revistapostdata.com.ar.



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