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The journal Prismas is the annual journal that the Program of Intellectual History, which forms part of the the Center for Studies and Research at the Universidad Nacional of Quilmes, publishes. It has been published without interruption from 1997 to the present, with the intention of establishing a platform for the elaboration of the disciplines of cultural history, history of ideas, and history of disciplines in Latin America, and also –more centrally and significantly– of forming a nucleus for the articulation of a renovated area of studies which traditionally was identified with the “history of ideas” or “cultural history”, but which now, through a consistent dialogue with the most recent currents in sociology of intellectuals and sociology of culture, cultural anthropology, cultural history, history of intellectuals and aesthetic and cultural historical approaches to the history of the city and urban culture, has progressively carved out a new disciplinary region, that of intellectual history.

As part of this newly-defined purview the journal publishes and places in circulation the work of Argentinian and Latin American researchers whose area of study concentrates on the ideas and ideological vocabularies, the intellectual writings and symbolic production of Latin American and (sometimes) European or non-European and non-Latin American intellectuals. It also publishes works of original research which analyze those studies which employ the methodologies or the analytical methods most pertinent to intellectual history.

The section “Articles” publishes studies received by our journal, after they have been subjected to the evaluation of independent referees from Argentina or abroad. The section we call our “Dossier” reproduces papers presented at conferences or symposia, or, sometimes, a selection of previously unpublished work dedicated to the topics of intellectual history. Another section of our journal, “Arguments”, follows a slightly different pattern. It attempts to realize a balance of some of the conceptual debates which have been generated in the course of the development of intellectual history on the international plane. As part of this brief, we have occasionally published translations into Spanish of classic works which have contributed to the constitution of the discipline of intellectual history, from the early Twentieth Century to the present. Finally, in our sections titled “Readings”, “Reviews”, and “Booknotes”, we attempt to survey the most recent and important bibliographical contributions to the discipline of intellectual history, in Argentina and abroad, with the intention of providing an up-to-date state of the field, and of contributing to a discussion of the historiographical, theoretical or methodological perspectives contained in the books reviewed or mentioned.

The hard-copy (paper) edition of Prismas appears once a year; the on-line edition appears every six months (each issue of Prismas is divided into two on-line: one presents the sections “Articles”, “Reviews”, and “Booknotes”, while the other presents the sections “Arguments”, “Dossier” and “Readings”).


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The journal Prismas has been indexed in the Latindex Directory. Since 2007, it also forms part of the Basic Nucleus of Argentinian Scientific Publications. Its articles can be accessed at the Biblioteca Virtual Saavedra Fajardo of the University of Murcia, Spain, and its book reviews, on the sites of Iberoideas and the Biblioteca Cervantes Virtual.





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