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P&S is published by Grupo Editor Yocavil and is located in the Instituto Superior de Estudios Sociales (ISES, CONICET-Universidad Nacional de Tucumán). Since 2009 has a website that publishes entirely free the content of the annual volume in each december.
P&S emerged as an initiative of a group of professionals from Northern Argentina, that aimed to give researchers a forum for discussion and publication of works committed to academic excellence and regional problems. Since the beginning P&S offers texts to readers related to the labor market (current and historical), the agrarian structure, the ethnohistory of the Northwest Argentina and Southern Andes, the history of the prices, migration, regional economies, urban development, colonial history since the conquest, state policies (current and historical), poverty and family among others. Some regions and topics have received special attention, as the Chaco or the sugar industry. It has promoted the participation of regional authors, as well as from renowned national and international researchers from different disciplines within the broad field of Social Sciences. P&S also traslate and publish articles of difficult access due their relevance to Northern Argentina.

Frequency: six-monthly (2 issues/year).

Its abbreviated title is Poblac. soc. (En línea)and it should be used in bibliographies, footnotes, references and bibliographic strips.



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Población & Sociedad ratifies the Open Access model in which scientific publications are made freely available at no cost online, with no time embargos and with no publication costs transferred to the authors. This policy seeks to dismantle the economic barriers that have created inequalities in the access to both information and the ability to publish investigation results.



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