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Instructions to authors


Scope and editorial policy

The Journal’s goals are as follows:

    1. Create a space for communication and exchange between the CPS, its members, graduates and academic institutions in the field of Social and Human Sciences in general and Sociology in particular.
    2. Provide a space where researchers and academics can publish their academic work.
    3. Provide a means of keeping up to date through the divulgation of research and essays.
    4. Increase and prioritise CPS academic activity.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

Guidelines for presenting selecting articles.

  1. The Revista Argentina de Sociología will publish original, unpublished work on matters of Social and Human Sciences. Work can be:
    1. Scientific research articles.
    2. Articles that reflect on a particular problem or topic.
    3. Review articles.
    4. Notes.
    5. Reviews or comments on books, publications or scientific events.

Articles should be presented according to the following guidelines:

    1. Scientific research articles, reflections on a problem or a particular topic and revisions should have a maximum length of 20 pages, notes up to 15 pages (letter size, Arial 11, 1.5 spaced) and reviews or comments on books, publications or scientific events up to 3 pages. The latter should be on recent publications of interest to the journal.
    2. Send an original on paper and two copies, written in MS Word, and a copy on a floppy disk or via e-mail.
    3. Each article should be headed with the Title and the author’s full name. Include an abstract in Spanish and English of no more than 200 words and 5 keywords, also in Spanish and English.
    4. The title page should include the title, name of author(s), a short CV of each author (including the following details: professional title, professional registration or license number where relevant, institution the author belongs to, academic position, postal address and e-mail address).
    5. All pages should be numbered, including the bibliography, graphs and charts. Notes and critical references should go at the foot of the page and respect the international norms for publishing scientific articles.
    6. The bibliography should appear at the end of each article and follow the following conditions:

Book: Author’s surname and name in lowercase, publication year in parentheses, book title in italics, place of publication, publisher.
Journal article: Author’s surname and name in lowercase, publication year in parentheses, article title in inverted commas, journal title in italics, volume, issue of journal, date of publication, pages on which the article appears in the journal.
If charts, graphs and/or images are included, add in the text a title and number: “Graph nº 1: xxxx”, a blank space where the table would go, graph and/or image (but without putting this in the text), and the source: “Source: xxxx” (if the graphic is the author’s own, put “Source: Author’s own work”). Charts, graphs and/or images should be sent as a file separate from the text, in any support format.

7. Authors are advised to respect a logical order of titles, as follows:

Titles: Arial 14 bold
Subheading 1: Arial 12 bold
Subheading 2: Arial 12 italics
Body of text: Arial 11 normal
Notes: Arial 10 normal
Bibliography: Arial 10
All articles should be sent with a note authorizing their publication by the Revista Argentina de Sociología, International CPS Publication, signed by all authors.


Sending manuscripts

The receipt of work does not imply commitment to publication. The Editorial Committee will proceed to select work that meets the form and content criteria for this publication.
Articles selected will be evaluated by two members of the International Academic Committee or by specialists belonging to the subject area in question, who will act as referees.
Authors will be notified if their work has been accepted or not. If modifications are suggested, these will be sent to the author, who must advise acceptance of the modifications within five days, in which case the author must send the definitive version within the deadline agreed between the author and the Editorial Committee.
Each author will receive two copies of the issue of the journal in which their published article appears. 
Articles should be sent to:
Directora de la Revista de Sociología
Alicia Itatí Palermo
Revista Argentina de Sociología
Consejo de Profesionales en Sociología
Corrientes 2835, Cuerpo B, Piso 7º "B".
(C1193AAA) Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Tel: (54-11) 4964-2160

For further information, contact the Editorial Coordinator, Lic. Graciela Biggiotti
E-mail: secretariatecnica@cps.org.ar



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