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Instructions to authors


Scope and policy


The Revista Argentina de Neurocirugía is the journal of the Asociación Argentina de Neurocirugía. It is dedicated to the publication of articles on neurosurgery and related disciplines. It aims to divulge the experience of neurosurgeons and progress made in diagnosis and treatment of neurosurgical pathology.
The journal only publishes unpublished articles. These may include:
1. Review Articles: these should be updates of knowledge in controversial issues. They should be organized as introduction, material and method, results, debate and conclusion.
2. Original articles: these should communicate the results of diagnostic and clinical-surgical studies. They should be organized as introduction, material and method, results, debate and conclusion.
3. Clinical cases: Written in brief about one case or several related cases of interest. Should include no more than 15 references. Should be organized as introduction, description of case, debate and conclusion.
4. Technical notes:  describe in brief new techniques or instruments. Include no more than 15 references. Organize as introduction, description of instrument and/or technique, debate and conclusion.
5. Brief Articles: Organized the same as clinical articles. Should not exceed 1500 words. Should only have an abstract in English of no more than 100 words, 4 photographs or charts and 6 references.
6. Various articles: include articles on history of neurosurgery, professional practice, medical ethics or other issues related to the aims of the journal.
7. Letters to the Editor:  should include criticisms or comments on publications. Where suitable, these will be published with the corresponding right to reply for mentioned authors.



Form and preparation of manuscripts


1. First page: title, complete name of authors, place of work, address, telephone, fax and e-mail of the first author to whom the final proofs and correspondence should be sent. Indicate if there is any conflict of interest due to funding.
2. Second page:  Write an abstract in Spanish and another in English of no more than 150 words each. Abstracts should be structured. In review articles include: objective, selected studies, synthesis of data and conclusions. In original articles include: objective, methods, results and conclusion. In clinical cases include: objective, description, intervention and conclusion. In the technical notes include: objective, description and conclusion. Below this present a list of 4 or 5 keywords related to the publication, in both languages.
3. Subsequent pages: include the rest of the printed text. Each component should start on a separate page with the following order: text, acknowledgements, references, tables and legends.
4. Photographs: send on matt paper, black and white, with a minimum size of 9 x 13cm or on a JPG or TIFF format disk. If sent on paper, on the back include the name of the first author, photo number and an arrow indicating the position and send 2 copies of each photograph, separate from the text and in separate envelopes. If sent in digital format they should be correctly individualized and numbered. Digital photos included in the Word format paper manuscript are of no use.
5. Legends:  Should not exceed 15 words and should have the same number as the photo.
6. Tables:  Should be presented on a separate page, numbered and with a brief descriptive title.
7. References: Should be numbered sequentially in the order that they are cited in the text. Depending on their origin, they should be cited as follows:
Original articles should be presented as follows: surname and initials of the first 6 authors, followed by et al. if there are more authors, title of article in the original language, journal name, year, volume and first and last pages.
Van Limbeek J, Jacobs WCH, Anderson PG, Pavlov PW. A systematic literature review to identify the best method for a single level anterior cervical interbody fusion. Eur Spine J 2000;9:129-6.
Book chapters should be presented as follows:
surname and initials of the authors, title of chapter, surname and initials of editor, book title, edition number, place of publication, publisher, year and pages.
Phillips SJ, Whisnant JP. Hypertension and stroke. In: Laragh JH, Brenner BM,
editors. Hypertension: pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management. 2nd ed. New
York: Raven Press; 1995. p. 465-78.
Books should be presented as follows: surname and initials of the authors, book title, edition number, place of publication, publisher and year.
Ringsven MK, Bond D. Gerontology and leadership for nurses. 2nd ed. Albany
(NY): Delmar Publishers; 1996.
Authors are advised to observe the use of capitals, punctuation and acronyms. All pages should be numbered sequentially, starting with the title page, and on each page the name of the first author should appear in the top right corner.
B) 3.5” floppy disks should be submitted as follows:
text and legends in Word for Windows, tables separately and images in JPG or TIFF format.



Sending of manuscripts


When sending articles include: 2 copies of the manuscript and 1 copy on 3.5” floppy disk for Word for Windows 95 or 98.
A) Manuscripts should be submitted on white paper, A4 size (212mmx297mm), with margins of at least 25mm, written on a single side of the paper. Use double space throughout the manuscript.
Manuscripts and the rest of the material should be sent in duplicate by post or delivered in person to:
Editores Responsables RANC
Asociación Argentina de Neurocirugía
Callao 441, 8° “F”.
Código postal: C1022AAE
Buenos Aires



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