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Instructions to authors


Editorial scope and policy


Unpublished papers of national and international authors will be received.
Papers will be submitted to the Editorial Committee and the Advisory Committee for approval. The Editorial Committee will give notice regarding the publishing of the original within a six month period. This resolution is subject to possible changes in the original text.
Direction and Editorial committee`s right to make special invitations to prominent personalities is reserved.



Manuscripts submission


The article has to be done within the parameters of the following regulations:

  • Must be submitted in Word, typographic case A4 (21.0 x 29.7 cm.), including page number. Maximum extent of work will be:

            Articles: 45 pages (including graphs, maps, tables and references) in a             box of 12 X 18 inches.
            Notes and Communications: 20 pages,
            Book reviews: 5 pages.

  • Typographical standarts:


Title: bold, capital letters, 14 p. Arial.
Subtitles: capital and small letters, bold, 14 p. (titles of tables and figures correspond to the same information).
Author: italic, 9 p., below the title, identifying institutional affiliation and email (the latter being a must).
Text (source): normal, 10 p. Arial.
Paragraph: single spacing.
Extensive quoting: in italics and separate paragraph.
Notes and quotations: normal, capital and small letters, 9 p. E.g., Garcia. 1999: 25.
Bibliography: at the end of the paper, in alphabetical order:
• For books: author (surname and name), publication year in parentheses, title in italics, place: publisher.
• For articles: author (surname and name), publication year in parentheses, title between inverted commas, journal name in italics, place: publisher, pages. E.g. pp. 21-39.
• For book chapter: author (surname and name), publication year in parentheses, chapter title between inverted commas, name of full book`s author, type of participation (i.e. coordinator), name of the book in italics, place: editorial pages. E.g. pp. 21-39.
• Tables: must have full title and sources.
• Photos, graphics and charts: within the text, and a jpg format copy attached in another file.

    • The paper will have a brief content summary of a maximum of 200 words in Spanish and English (approximately 8 lines) and three to five keywords in English and Spanish.
    • Book reviews headings must be done as follows: author's surname and name, book title in italics, place of publication: publisher, year, number of pages and ISBN, name and surname of the review`s author below the title.


Sending of manuscripts


Submission of papers to be published for Revista de Historia Americana y Argentina must be done via e-mail to the following e-mail address: revistadehaa@ffyl.uncu.edu.ar



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