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Instructions to authors


Scope and policy


This document describes the steps of the publishing process of the journal and the path followed by the articles before they are published.



Editorial Process


1- Publishing Criteria
Papers should conform to some of the following requirements in order to be eligible for publishing:
- That sufficient evidence for its conclusions is provided;
- That it is a breakthrough in the discipline;
- That it is of extreme importance to scientists that conduct research in that discipline;
- That it is also of importance to scientists in other fields.
When evaluating the papers, referees shall take into account the novelty of the topic and the presentation, substantiation and length of the text.

2- Deciding what will be published
RIA is a scientific magazine published by INTA that includes different topics related to Agriculture, Agri-food and Agro-industrial Systems.
Articles submitted by professionals of INTA and other institutions are accepted by an Editorial Committee whose members are recognized experts in academia and agricultural sciences.
Therefore, it is the members of the Committee who decide whether an article will be accepted or rejected and they suggest the names of the evaluators of the articles.

3- Submission of Articles
Before submitting an article to revista_ria@correo.inta.gov.ar authors shall review the RIA authoring guidelines and accept the terms and conditions thereby implying that they have no conflict of interest and assign the copyright of the manuscript to the journal.

4- The Path of the Article
After an article is submitted to the journal it is forwarded to the editor who after verifying that it conforms to the authoring guidelines, meets with the Editorial Committee to review the texts that will sent to the evaluators.
Articles are usually sent to two referees who are experts in the field of the research.

5- Simple Blind Review
To maintain the transparency and impartiality of the publications the identity of the reviewers is not made known to the authors. All communication between the evaluators and the authors is conducted through the editor.

6- Timing
Editorial time is extremely important for a journal that is at the forefront of research in agriculture, agri-foods and agro-industry. Evaluators are therefore requested to review the papers within a maximum period of 30 days.
However, if a longer delay is anticipated, they are requested to notify this in advance to keep authors informed of the status of the evaluation of their paper.

7- Ethics of the Evaluators
Evaluators are requested to inform the editor of any conflict of interest and maintain confidential the texts received for evaluation.
For more information, please see Instructions for Evaluators.

8- Scoring and Decisions
After an article has been reviewed, the editor shall inform the author by e-mail of the evaluators’ decision. The decision shall be one of the following:
Outrightly rejected; typically on grounds of lack of novelty, insufficient conceptual advance or major interpretation or technical problems.
Accepted with major changes required.
Accepted with minimum changes required.
Fully accepted.

9- Appeals
Authors wishing to appeal any of the observations made by the evaluators shall contact the editor by e-mail:revista_ria@correo.inta.gov.ar. However, the editor will probably not be able to assign a high priority to the appeal which may result in a delay in publishing the article.

10- Translation
RIA is a bilingual magazine and the articles authorized for publication are therefore sent to a sworn translator. The English version of the articles will be available in digital format and may be downloaded or reviewed as an open access file on the journal’s website.

11- Embargo and the Media
After an author is informed that his article will be published in the journal, he shall refrain from speaking to the media about the subject of the article until it is published in the digital format of RIA.
For articles that are considered particularly newsworthy, a special letter shall be sent to the journalists one week before they are published in digital format subject to an embargo requiring that the information not be reported until published in RIA.
However, some journalists may contact the authors to prepare a story. This is permitted
and researchers are requested to remind the journalists of the need to comply with the requirements of the embargo.



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