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Instructions to authors


Scope and policy


The material sent to the TE&ET Magazine will be evaluated by specialists on the field, one being a member of the publishing committee and, at least, two of them not being part of the Publisher (School of Computer Sciences – UNLP). Single-blind peer review is the system employed.

If the magazine accepts the manuscript, this implies the non-exclusive cession of the authors’ copyright to the publisher, who enables reutilization under license CC-BY-NC after paper print. The paper can be shared, copied, distributed, executed and published only if: a) it contains the authorship and the original source of publication (magazine, publisher and URL of the material); b) it lacks commercial purposes. The cession of non-exclusive rights also implies the authors’ approval to include the material in the institutional repository of the UNLP at http://sedici.unlp.edu.ar/ and to be distributed through the databases that the publisher considers appropriate for its index, with the aim of increasing authors’ visibility and publication.


Form and preparation of manuscripts


The papers sent must be original. This means, they should not have been published before or have been sent to another magazine at the same time.
A template with the layout for papers is available at http://teyet-revista.info.unlp.edu.ar/TEyET/formatoTrabajos
The main requirements can be summarized below:

Original articles
The articles must be written in Spanish or Portuguese, font Times New Roman, single spacing and in two columns. It should not contain more than 12 pages in size A4 paper. All pages should be numbered sequentially.
Below the heading of the articles, it should appear the names of the authors and the references to the institutions they belong, as well as their e-mail addresses. At the end of the article, a brief biography of the authors may be included.
Every article should begin with an abstract of no more than 200 words and a list of keywords that connect with the content of the article. The abstract and the keywords should be written in the source language and in English.
The sections and subsections of the manuscript should be clearly distinguished, following the style of the template.
References to other documents appearing in the text should be indicated with a number between square brackets, in order of appearance and mentioned at the end of the article. The magazine uses the IEEE style for bibliography; visit https://ieee-dataport.org/sites/default/files/analysis/27/IEEE%20Citation%20Guidelines.pdf

Book Review
The book reviews should be written in Spanish or Portuguese, font Times New Roman, single spacing and in one column. They should not contain more than two A4 paper pages.
State the heading of the book reviewed and then, the rest of the bibliography (i.e., author, subordinated responsibilities –translations, editors, etc.- edition, place, publisher, year, number of pages and ISBN) as the template shows.

Then, include a brief analysis of the text and:

  • Topic importance
  • Book content
  • Target audience and context of  application
  • Reviewer´s opinion about the topic approach, strengths and weaknesses of the book.

At the end, please indicate the reviewer’s name, institution and e-mail.

Thesis summary
The thesis summaries should be written in Spanish or Portuguese, font Times New Roman, single spacing and in one column. They should not have more than one A4 paper page.
Write the name of the Postgraduate career in capital letters, then the thesis heading between inverted commas, and below, the author, director and co-director of the thesis, as the template suggests.
Afterwards, include the thesis summary and mention:

  • Motivation
  • Thesis contributions

Possible I/D lines



Sending of manuscripts


The articles must be sent via web through http://teyet-revista.info.unlp.edu.ar/TEyET/about/submissions

Send the material in a unique zip folder which contains the article in PDF and RTF formats; and figures, grids and images in separate files.



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