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Instructions to authors


Scope and policy


The Revista SAAP is the official journal of the Argentine Association of Political Analysis and publishes articles on all aspects of politics, independent of theoretical, empirical or methodological approach. Each manuscript will be reviewed anonymously. All submissions must represent original and unpublished work. The Revista SAAP aims to publish:

  • quality peer-reviewed refereed articles in all areas of political studies - including comparative politics, political philosophy, international relations, gender politics, political economy, electoral behavior, political sociology, political development, public opinion, and public policy,
  • shorter peer-reviewed refereed research notes,
  • critical comments and responses in the form of debates,
  • book reviews of major books in the field of political studies, and especially books written by academics based in Argentina and/or dealing with relevant Argentinean subjects


Form and preparation of manuscripts


The papers submitted for publication should be sent either to "Revista SAAP, Castex 3217 (1425) Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina" or by electronic communication to revista@saap.org.ar. We suggest the following recommendations:  

- Articles should not exceed 13,000 words; notes should not go beyond 6,000 words; book reviews should not go over 1,300 words.     
-Any explanation concerning the article, as well as the institutional membership of the author/s and the mail address, must appear below the title.
- Bibliographic references must follow this format: surname of the author followed by a comma, the year and the number of page after colon in the case of quotations. For example:

The power of democracy and capitalism is based on egalitarianism and profit, in that order (Quiroga, 2005)

"Indeed, democracy and capitalism establish different systems of power, based on almost opposite values: equality and profit" (Quiroga, 2005: 157) 

In the bibliography section, references must observe the following order, separated by comas: surname of the author, name of the author, year (between brackets), title of the work (quotes if it is an article, italic fonts if it is a book or the title of a published work) volume, etc., place of publication, publisher. For example:

Quiroga, Hugo (2005). La Argentina en emergencia permanente, Buenos Aires, Edhasa.

- All works must be accompanied by a summary written both in English and Spanish, of up to 150 words each, and by 5 key words, also written in both languages.



Sending of manuscripts


All papers must be submitted at: "Revista SAAP, Castex 3217 (1425), Ciudad de Buenos Aires,  Argentina" or revista@saap.org.ar



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