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The Serie Correlación Geológica is publised by the Instituto Superior de Correlación Geológica (INSUGEO-CONICET/Univ. Nac. Tucumán) and publishes original articles on geology and paleontology. Each volume will preferently unify papers of a common scientifc subject or theme.

Frequency: six-monthly (2 issues/year).

Its abbreviated title is Ser. correl. geol. (En línea), and it should be used in bibliographies, footnotes, references and bibliographic strips.



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The copyrights are owned of the Instituto de Correlación Geológica. Reproduction of articles without express permission of the Editorial Board are prohibited. Special permission must be solicited to Miguel Lillo 205 - Piso 1, Fundación Miguel Lillo (CP 4000) - San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina, or via email to;



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