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Instructions to authors



Scope and editorial policy

Tópicos publishes original articles, reviews and discussions in Spanish and Portuguese which contribute to advancing knowledge of issues covered in the journal and contribute to the debate on current problems in theoretical philosophy, practical philosophy and the interpretation and criticism of history of philosophy in its broadest sense, or of thought and culture. The published works are therefore of interest to a wider audience than that of specialists in philosophical disciplines.
Tópicos has an editorial policy that is open access and free. It does not charge or pay any pecuniary rights to authors and / or readers. "Open access" is understood to mean its free availability on the public Internet, allowing any user to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search or use the information for any legal purpose, without any financial, legal or technical barrier, except those which implies access to the Internet itself.

The evaluation of the articles follows the criterion of "double blind", that is, the evaluators are unaware of the identity of the authors, and the authors are unaware of the identity of the evaluators.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

1.- The authors must send their works, in Spanish or in Portuguese, to the electronic address: revistatopicos@gmail.com. These must be processed on an IBM or compatible PC (Word for Windows or convertible).
2.- The works can not have an extension greater than the 10,000 words including the notes, quotations and bibliographical references. The Editorial Committee reserves the right to consider the publication of articles that exceed these dimensions.
3.- The submitted works must be unpublished and can not be modified or extended once they have been accepted by the Editorial Committee.
4.- Since the journal has adopted the "double blind" evaluation regime (see "Scope and editorial policy"), it is requested that the author's name appear only on a separate page.
5.- The authors must accompany the works of a brief Curriculum of no more than 10 lines and their electronic address.
6.- Papers should include at the beginning a summary in Spanish of no more than 200 words and a list of up to five (5) keywords with their corresponding translations into English (abstract and key words).
7.- To facilitate the layout of the Journal, it is requested to use a personal page size of 15.8 cm wide by 21.6 cm high with margins of 3 cm (top), 2.5 cm (bottom), 2.7 cm (left) and 1.6 cm (right). The tools for this layout will be found in the "File / Page Setup" command in Word for Windows.
8.- The body of the text should be in Garamond typeface size 11. The notes and bibliographical references will be located at the foot of the Garamond font size 10. The line spacing should be "simple".
9.- The citations of works will be governed by the following rules: a) Author (names), b) title of the work (in italics), c) place of publication, d) publisher, e) date of publication, f) volume, etc., if any, g) numbering of the page or pages cited. Quotations of journal articles will record the data in the following order: a) Author (names), b) title (in quotation marks), c) name of the journal (in italics), d) E) year, f) numbering of the page or pages cited.


Sending manuscripts

Authors should send their works to the Comisión de Redacción de Tópicos. Revista de Filosofía de Santa Fe (República Argentina). For further information contact us at: revistatopicos@gmail.com


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