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Trabajo y sociedad is a space of social sciences for the publication of articles and academic texts submitted to arbitration. Created in 1999, its periodicity is semiannual, and is published by the Department of Sociology at the National University of Santiago del Estero (UNSE) of Argentina. The journal is open, without thematic, theoretical and methodological contributions for receipt of restrictions, although possessing certain centers of interest located in the sociology of work, cultural studies and the joints between the sociological and literary stories. Its editorial board is composed of academics linked to UNSE and CONICET, while its Editorial Advisory Committee recognized scholars participating country and abroad.

Frequency: six-monthly (2 issues/year).

Its abbreviated title is Trab. soc. (Santiago del Estero), and it should be used in bibliographies, footnotes, references and bibliographic strips.



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Trabajo y Sociedad maintains a commitment to the policies of Open Access to scientific information, as it considers that both scientific publications as well as research investigations funded by public resources should circulate freely without restrictions.

Trabajo y Sociedad ratifies the Open Access model in which scientific publications are made freely available at no cost online, with no time embargos and with no publication costs transferred to the authors. This policy seeks to dismantle the economic barriers that have created inequalities in the access to both information and the ability to publish investigation results



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