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Boletín de la Sociedad Argentina de Botánica

versión On-line ISSN 1851-2372

Bol. Soc. Argent. Bot. v.40 n.1-2 Córdoba ene./jul. 2005


Checklist of the Mycobiota of Iguazú National Park (Misiones, Argentina)


Jorge E. Wright1 and Alicia M. Wright1

1Departamento de Biodiversidad y Biología Experimental, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 1428 Buenos Aires, Argentina. Correo- e:


Resumen: Catálogo de los hongos del Parque Nacional Iguazú (Misiones, Argentina). Este catálogo de los hongos registrados para el Parque Nacional Iguazú, una de las áreas preservadas mejor conocidas en América del Sur, ha sido confeccionado principalmente sobre la base de las colecciones y publicaciones de Rolf Singer y las propias. Diez especies de Dictyosteliales, 4 de Myxomycetes, 4 de Pezizales, 9 de Hypocreales, 31 de otros Ascomycetes, 3 Deuteromycotina, y 314 de Basidiomycetes han sido anotadas. Este último grupo es de lejos el mejor conocido, e incluye 13 especies de hongos gelatinosos, 6 de hongos clavarioides, 84 de resupinados, 90 de Agaricales s. l., 111 de políporos, de los cuales 26 son Hymenochaetaceae poroides, y 11 de Gasteromycetes. Además, 8 Ascomycetes, 58 Basidiomycetes y 2 Deuteromycotina fueron solo determinados a nivel de género. Los líquenes han sido excluídos. Los microhongos del Parque apenas han sido explorados, y no se han registrado 'ficomicetes', de modo que el número de especies que se presenta aquí son tan sólo un mero muestreo de la micobiota del Parque.

Palabras clave: Biodiversidad; Hongos; Subtrópicos.

Summary: A check-list of the fungi recorded from Iguazú National Park, one of the best known preserved areas in South America, has been compiled mainly on the basis of Rolf Singer´s and our own collections and publications. Ten species of Dictyosteliales, 4 of Myxomycetes, 4 of Pezizales, 9 of Hypocreales, 31 of other Ascomycetes, 3 Deuteromycotina and 314 of Basidiomycetes are annotated. This last group is by far the best known, and includes 13 species of jelly-fungi, 6 coral fungi, 84 resupinates, 90 Agaricales s. l., 111 polypores of which 26 are poroid Hymenochaetaceae, and 11 of Gasteromycetes. Furthermore, 8 Ascomycetes, 58 Basidiomycetes and 2 Deuteromycotina were determined to genus. Lichens have been excluded. The microfungi of the Park have hardly been explored, and no phycomycetes are recorded, so the number of species included in this checklist is but a mere sample of the rich mycobiota of the Park.

Key words: Biodiversity; Fungi; Subtropics.



Iguazú National Park is part of the subtropical rain forest phytogeographically belonging to the Paranaense Region (Cabrera,1976). Together with the Yungas region, it is the biologically richest natural area of Argentina. It covers an area of ca. 65.000 ha, and is located in the northernmost part of NW Misiones Province (25° 32' to 25° 44' S lat; 54° 09' to 54° 33' W long) (Fig. 1). Joining it at the boundary between Argentina and Brazil, is the Brazilian Parque Nacional do Iguaçu, covering ca.160.000 ha. Annual rainfall averages 2000 mm, quite uniformly distributed throughout the year. The relative humidity (RH) is enhanced by heavy nocturnal dew, so its mean RH is 75-90%. Temperatures vary much from day to night in summer and winter, 15 °C mean for June-July and 25 °C for December-January. Absolute temperatures have reached 42 °C in summer and -6 °C in winter. Soil is typically lateritic (Dimitri et al., 1974). A series of ongoing surveys of the Park's biodiversity has made it one of the best known conserved areas in South America. However fungi, especially microfungi, have been neglected and still await extensive studies.

Fig. 1. Location of Iguazú National Park, and main collecting sites.

This important natural reserve was bought by the Argentine National Government in 1928, and incorporated in the National Park Service in 1935; so, notwithstanding the previous commercial exploitation of the rich forest, it has slowly recovered to what may termed a near climax vegetation.
The several strata that make up this climax forest are home to a wealth of fungal species. Although tree species probably number more than one hundred - the vascular flora is still currently under study - outstanding among them are Myrocarpus frondosus, Parapiptadenia rigida, Lonchocarpus muehlbergianus, Enterolobium contortisiliquum, Holocalyx balansae, Cedrela tubiflora, Patagonula americana, Rapanea lorentziana, Nectandra lanceolata, Chrysophyllum gonocarpum, Ocotea pulchella, Tabebuia ipe, Aspidosperma polyneuron, Adenanthera macrocarpa and O. trichotoma. One palm - Syagrus romanzoffianus - is striking on account of its gracile stipe. Arborescent ferns are common, such as Alsophila atrovirens, reaching up to 5 m in height. The tree stratum in less perturbed areas may reach 30 m high.
The understory contains many herbaceous and subshruby species including a wide variety of bamboos (Chusquea ramosissimam, Merostachys claussenii and Guadua trinii). Of course, there is also a wide array of epiphytes, orchids, Bromeliaceae, and hundreds of species of animals, including birds and arthropods.
Human activity, mainly due to the tourist invasion which expanded greatly after 1995 (6000/ day in 2001), and the ever-expanding "facilities" is a constant threat to this magnificent area.
The magnificent Iguazú Falls ("big waters" in guaraní language), discovered by Don Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca (the same formidable "conquistador" who also wandered from Florida to New Mexico and Colorado), was originally called "Saltos de Santa María". The Falls form an arch of some 200 falls - the highest 70 m - due to a large semicircular fault 2700 m wide in the Iguazú River at the international boundary between Argentina and Brazil. The river flows from the Serra do Mar, in eastern Brazil, at 1300 m.a.s.l. to the west for some 500 km, towards the Paraná River at 90 m.a.s.l.; the fault is located 28 km from the mouth of the Iguazú River.
This wonderful natural area is a mycologist's paradise. We have been studying its mycobiota for the past 36 years and, although partial results have already been published, mainly for macromycetes by Corner (1957), Job (1985), Hjortstam & Ryvarden (1986), Rajchenberg (1982, 1984), Wright, Deschamps & Rovetta (1973), Wright & Deschamps (1975, 1976/77), Wright & Blumenfeld (1984a,b), Wright, et al. (1985); Singer (1950, 1952, 1958a,b, 1961a, 1961b, 1965, 1970, 1973, 1976), Singer & Digilio (1951), Romero & Gamundí (1986), no checklist of the fungi found in the Park has been published. Thus, no conspectus or guide is available for the Park's exceptional fungal biodiversity. The following checklist aims to form the basis for the needed aditional taxonomic, biodiversity and ecological studies of the fungi of Iguazú.


The present paper is based mainly on the numerous collections at BAFC - which also include many of Dr. Rolf Singer's collections- and a list kindly supplied by Dr. Egon Horak (ETH, Zurich), together with the scant information obtained from the literature. Many collections have only been identified to genus. Names of genera and species have been updated as far as feasible. We feel, however, that the present checklist will constitute a basic contribution for the development of further and hopefully more precise studies. Suprageneric taxa follow Ainsworth & Bisby's "Dictionary of the Fungi" (Hawksworth et al.,1995).
Collections without herbarium citation are housed at BAFC, and their herbarium number is given in parentheses; other collections are indicated following Holmgren et al. (1990). Common collecting sites are indicated with site numbers given on the map (Fig. 1). Less common localities are indicated by their name or, in some instances, with no information.
Abbreviations used: W,D & DB= Wright, J. E., Deschamps, J. R. & Del Busto, E. W, R & J= Wright, J. E., Rajchenberg, M & Job, D. R. & J= Rajchenberg, M. & Job, D. R. S= Singer, Rolf. W= Wright, J. E. C= Capelli, C. A. W, C & DB= Wright, J. E., Cabral, D. & Del Busto, E.
When the collections have been published, the corresponding citation is given in parentheses.
Site number: 1= Camping Ñandu; 2 = Refugio Yaguareté; 3 = Camino Macuco; 4 = Reserva Intangible; 5 = Bosque de "Palo Rosa" (Fig. 1). n.l.= no locality stated.



Dictyostelium giganteum Singh (Vadell & Cavender, 1996) n.l., Vadell, mulchy soil.
Dictyostelium lavandulum Raper & Fennell (Vadell & Cavender, 1996) n.l., Vadell, mulchy soil.
Dictyostelium macrocephalum H. Hagiw. (Vadell & Cavender, 1996) n.l., Vadell, mulchy soil.
Dictyostelium aff. medusoides Vadell, Holmes & Cavender (Vadell & Cavender, 1996) n.l., Vadell, mulchy soil.
Dictyostelium mucoroides Olive (Vadell & Cavender, 1996) n.l., Vadell, mulchy soil.
Dictyostelium polycephalum Raper (Vadell & Cavender, 1996) n.l., Vadell, mulchy soil.
Dictyostelium purpureum Olive (Vadell & Cavender, 1996) n.l., Vadell, mulchy soil.
Polysphondylium pallidum Olive (Vadell & Cavender, 1996) n.l., Vadell, mulchy soil.
Polysphondylium violaceum Bref. (Vadell & Cavender, 1996). n.l., Vadell, mulchy soil.
Polysphondylium tenuissimum H. Hagiw. (Vadell & Cavender, 1996) n.l., Vadell, mulchy soil.


Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa (O.F. Möller) T. MacBr. 1, W, D & DB, M-2416, 28.X.1973, rotten wood (23.196).


Didymium squamulosum (Alb. & Schwein.) Fr. Puerto Iguazú, Rossini, 2.II.1965, rotten wood (22.273)
Physarum compressum Alb. & Schwein. Puerto Iguazú, W, D & DB, M-2427, 28.IX.1973, rotten wood (23.195). Stemonitaceae
Comatricha typhoides (Bull.) Rostaf. (Deschamps, 1972) n.l.


Bertia sinensis J.C. Krug & Corlett n.l., C. Carmarán, III.1993, fallen branch (33.592). Lasiosphaeriaceae
Podospora sp. (as Pleurage sp.) Yacuy, Guerrero, 20.VI.1968 (21.997).
Arthrinium sp. (anamorph of Apiospora montagnei Sacc.) n.l., C. Carmarán, III.1993, fallen branch (33.596).


Aschersonia sp. (anamorph of Hypocrella sp.) 3, Job, 26.IX.1984 (30.290); ibid., Keinstein, III.1984 (30.296).
Ascopolyporus polychrous A. Möller Falls, W, III.19982 (28.473) on bamboo (Guadua sp.).
Ascopolyporus polyporoides A. Möller Isla San Martín, Popoff & Lechner 984, 27.VI.2003 (BAFC) on bamboo (Guadua sp.); Salto Arrechea, O. F. Popoff, 28.VIII.2003 (CTES).
Cordyceps aff. incarnata A. Möller Arroyo Santo Domingo, J. P. Di Massa, 28.VI.2003.
Cordyceps polyarthra A. Möller 3, R & J, IV.1984 (29.708); 3, R & J, 8.IV.1984 (29.709); 3, W, R & J, M-3635, 7.IV.1984 (30.058).
Cordyceps sp. 5, C M-3342, 5.III.1980 (27.023); n.l., C M-3286, M-3287, 3.III.1980 (27.024; 27.025).
Hypomyces tremellicola (Ellis. & Everh.) Rogerson 3,, W, R & J, M-3691, 8.IV.1984 (30.106).
Nectria byssicola Berk. & Broome. 3, Job, M-3809, 23.IX.1984, fallen branch (30.431).
Nectria pityrodes (Mont.) Mont. Road to Apepú, W, C & DB, M-3085, 13.IX.1978, fallen branch (24.478).
Nectria tucumanensis Speg. n.l., Carmarán, III.1993, fallen branch (33.597).


Herpotrichia berri A.I. Romero & Carmarán n.l., C.Carmarán, III.1993, fallen culm of Bambuseae (33.590).
Botryosphaeria ingae A.K. Kar & Maity Falls, C. Carmarán, III.2003, fallen branch (33.501).


Astrosphaeriella trochus (Penz. & Sacc.) Hawksworth n.l., O.F. Popoff 1321, 20.VII.1993 (33.593).


Diatrype enteroxantha (Berk.) Ber k. 3, C. Carmarán, IV.1993, fallen branch (34.733).


Graphium sp. (anamorph of Ophiostoma) 5, W, R & J, M-3714, 9.IV.1984, fallen branch (30.299).
Phialographium indicum J.G. Rao & B. Sutton (anamorph of Ophiostoma) 3, Keingstein, VII.1984, fallen branch (30.298).


Daldinia concentrica vel. aff. (Bolton) Ces. & de Not. Upper Circuit, W et al., 26.VI.2003.
Entonaema liquescens A. Möller n.l., W, M-3325, 5.III.1980 (27.032).
Hypoxylon rubiginosum (Pers.: Fr.) Fr. Upper Circuit, W et al., 26.VI.2003.
Hypoxylon sp. 3, W, R. & J, M-3600, 6.IV.1984 (30.045); n.l., W, M-3320, 5.III.1980; Patio de las Palmeras, W, III.1982 (28.469).
Kretzchmaria clavus (Fr.: Fr.) Sacc. 1, W, D, & DB., M-2426, 28.X.1973; 3, Job, M- 3814, 23.IX.1984 (30.407) (Hladki & Romero, 2001).
Kretzchmaria hibiscus (Mont.) Massee 3, Job, M-3813, 23.IX.1984 (30.406).
Kretzchmaria sp. 3, Job M-3814, 23.IX.1984 (BAFC); 1, W, D & DB M-2426, 28.X.1973, at base of half rotten palm, both perfect & imperfect forms (BAFC).
Phylacia globosa Lév. 3, O.F. Popoff, 28.VIII.2003 (BAFC).
Rosellinia necatrix Prill (Romero & Carmarán, 1997). n.l., C. Carmarán 232, 16.III.1993, on fallen, unidentified Branco (33.589).
Xylaria adscendens (Fr.) Fr. Route 101 intersection with Arroyo Yacuy, Guerrero & Gómez, VI.1965 (BAFC).
Xylaria comosa Mont. Camino a Apepú, W, M-3394, 9.III.1980; Arroyo Yacuy, ruta 101, Gómez & Guerrero, VI.1965.
Xylaria curta Fr. Puerto Iguazú, RS M-944, dicot wood, 12.IV.1957, det. R.W.G.Dennis (LIL).
Xylaria grammica (Mont.) Fr. 5, W, R. & J, M-3700, 9.IV.1984; n.l. W, M-3289; 4, W, D. & DB, M-2409, on half rotten roots of Nectandra saligna, 20.X.1973 (BAFC); Puerto Iguazú, RS M-942, on dicot wood, 17.IV.1957, det. R.W.G. Dennis (LIL); C, M-3370, 7.III.1980 (BAFC).
Xylaria holmbergii Speg. Refugio Yaguareté, RS, 1957 (BAFC).
Xylaria obovata (Berk.) Berk. n.l., Venedikian, III.1980 (BAFC); 2, RS M-934, on dicot wood, det. R.W.G. Dennis (LIL).
Xylaria scruposa (Fr.) Fr. Puerto Iguazú, RS M-1075, on dicot wood, 12.IV.1957; det. R.W.G. Dennis (LIL).
Xylaria telfairii (Berk.) Fr. vel aff. Arroyo Yacuy, ruta 101, Gómez & Guerrero, VI.1965 BAFC); Puerto Iguazú, RS, M-929, on dicot trunk, 11.IV.1957; det. R.W.G. Dennis (LIL).
Xylaria sp. Pr. Dos Hermanas Fall, Wright & Blumenfeld, M-3472, 7.X.1981 (conidial) (27.611); n.l., W, D & DB, M-2415;28,IX,.1973, on Nectandra sp.; n.l., W, III,1982 (28.482); 3, Job, M-3805, 23.IX.1984 (30.430); Falls, Park, W, III-1980 (BAFC), ibid., III.1980 (BAFC); Falls, C, M.3290, 3.III.1980 (BAFC); W, M- 3289, M-3340, 5.III.1980 (BAFC); Falls, Martínez, IX- 1967 (BAFC).
Anamorph: Dematophora necatrix R. Hartig 5, C. Carmarán, III.1993, fallen branch (33.589).


Orbilia juruensis P. Henn. Ruta 101, Guerrero, VI.1965.


Cookeina colensoi (Berk.) Seaver Isla San Martín, O.F. Popoff, 28.VIII.2003 (BAFC).
Cookeina tricholoma (Mont.) Kuntze Cruce del Yacuy, ruta 101, Guerrero & Gómez, VI.1965, fallen branch (30.454); Ibid., Gómez, II.1965, fallen branch (30.454); Salto Gral. San Martín, C, 5.III.1980, fallen branch (26.724); n.l., W M-3309, 4.III.1980 (26.717).
Cookeina sp. 5, W, M-3366, 7.III.1980, fallen branch (25.361).
Phillipsia crispata (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Le Gal (Romero & Gamundí, 1986) Salto San Martín, E. Horak, 5.III.1980, fallen branch (LPS 41.361).
Phillipsia dominguensis (Berk.) Berk. (Romero & Gamundí, 1986) n.l., López, III.1982, fallen branch (30.278); Salto San Martín, Arambarri, 5.III.1980, fallen branch (LPS 43.692).
Phillipsia sp. 5, Venedikian, M-3371, 7.III.1980, fallen branch (BAFC)


Exidiopsis sp. Arroyo Yacuy, ruta 101, Guerrero, VI.1965 (23.162).
Heterochaete sp. Arroyo Yacuy, ruta 101, Guerrero, VI.1965 (23.539); ibid., Guerrero, 25.VI.1965 (23.538); Falls, no data, 7.II.1962 (23.532); 3, R & J, M-3507, M- 3567, M-3579, 6.IV.1984 (30.042, 30.043); n.l., Rajchenberg, 3.II.1980 (27.369); no data, 7.II.1962 (23.532).
Heterochaetella dubia (Bourdot & Galzin) Bourdot & Galzin Puerto Iguazú, S. López, III.1982 (30.821).
Patouillardina cinerea Bres. ex Rick (Lowy, 1972) Falls, Rajchenberg, M-3523, 1.III.1982 (28.295).
Eichleriella sp. 1, W, D & DB, M-2417, 28.X.1973.
Tremella fuciformis Berk. n.l., W, 1/5.III.1982 (28.014).
Tremella sp. n.l., W, 1/5.III.1982 (28.014).
Aporpium cfr. africanum Ryvarden 3, W, R & J, M-3650, 8.IV.1984 (30.073).
Aporpium caryae (Schwein.) Teixeira & D.P. Rogers 5, R & J, M-3742, 11.IV.1984 (30.138); 3, Job, M- 3826, 26.IX.1984 (30.315); 5, W, R & J, M-3723,
9.IV.1984 (30.124); Arroyo Yacuy, Job, M-3787, 22.IX.1984 (30.396); 3, R & J, M-3599, 6.IV.1984(30.006).


Auricularia cornea Ehrenb. [= A. polytricha (Mont.) Sacc.] Arroyo Yacuy, Guerrero, VI.1965 (22.994).
Auricularia delicata (Fr.) Henn. Falls, Singer & Digilio (22.982); n.l., W, 1/ 5.III.1982.
Auricularia fuscosuccinea (Mont.) Henn. Puerto Canoas, Guerrero, 29.II.1960 (23.022.;23.016); Falls, Guerrero, (23.017); 2, Guerrero, 29.II.1960 (23.019); ibid., 29.II.1960 (23.020); Arroyo Yacuy, Guerrero, VI.1965 (23.029).
Auricularia mesenterica (Dicks.) Pers. Falls, W, D & DB, M-2407, 27.X.1973 (22.987); n.l., Gomez, II.1965 (23.055); Arroyo Yacuy, Job, M- 3777, 22.IX.1984 (30.397).
Auricularia sp. Falls, W, M-3380, 3.III.1980 (25.369); Plaza de las Palmeras, Wright & Blumenfeld, 7.X.1981 (27.600); Falls, C, M-3312, 4.III.1980 (27.014); n.l., W M-4801, 8.IX.1992 (32.901); 3, Job, M-3791, 10.X.1984 (30.574).
Eocronartium muscicola (Pers.: Fr.) Fitzp. (Lowy, 1972)


Phleogena sp. 3, W, R & J, M-3670 (29.872).


Dacryopinax spathularia (Schwein.) G.W. Martin (Lowy, 1972)
Dacryopinax sp. 3, R & J, 6.IV.1984 (30.041).
Guepiniopsis buccina (Pers.:Fr.) L.L. Kenn. Falls, W, III.1980 (26.715).


Hydrabasidium subviolaceum (Peck) J. Erikss. & Ryvarden (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden 19741, 1/5.III.1982 (O).


Athelopsis lembospora (Boud.) Oberw. n.l., Ryvarden, 19.849, 1/5.III.1982 (20.069; 32.974, 32.979).
Candelabrochaete cirrata Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Hortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden 19572, 1/5.III.1982.
Candelabrochaete dispar Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden, 19549, 1/5.III.1982 (32.985).
Hypochnella violacea (Auersw.) J. Schroet. (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986). n.l., Ryvarden 19583, 1/5.III.1982 (O).

Botryobasidium lembosporum (D.P. Rogers) Donk (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden 19659, 19721, 19848, 20045, 20104, 1/5.III, 1982.
Botryohypochnus hebelomatosporus Boidin (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden, 19854, 1/5.III.1982.
Epithele sp. Arroyo Yacuy, ruta 101, Guerrero, VI.1965 (25.146); ibid. (25148).

Grammothele lineata Berk. & M.A. Curtis (Rajchenberg, 1984) Falls, W, M-3349, 5.III.1980 (27.367).
Grammothele subargentea (Speg.) Rajchenb. (Rajchenberg, 1984, Popoff, 2000) 3, 28.III.1995, Ferraro et al. (CTES); Falls, R & J, M-3353, 5.IV.1984 (30.014); n.l., Rajchenberg M -3484, M-3492, 1.III.1982 (27.984, 27.985, 28.011); 3, W, R & J, M- 3627, M-3664, 7/8.IV.1984 (30.003, 30.051); 22.XII.1979; n.l., C, M-3305, 4.III.1980 (27.375); n.l,.W, M-3355, 5.III.1980 (27.373); n.l.; n.l., Job, M- 3374 ; 2, RS, M-1072, 17.IV.1957 (23.427): n.l., W, III.1980; n.l.,W, M-3352, 5.III.1980 (28.528); n.l., W, M-3333, M-3329, 5.III.1980 (27.403); Park, W,1/ 5.III.1982 (28.013); ibid, M-3329; 5, W, M-3368, 7.III.1980 (27.404); n.l., Rajchenberg, M-3482, M- 3498, 1/3.III.1982 (28.273, 28.274).
Skeletocutis nivea (Jungh.) Jean Keller var. diluta Rachjenb. n.l., Ryvarden, 1/5.III.1982 (31.790).
Skeletocutis niveicolor (Murrill) Ryvarden (as Poria) n.l., R & J, M-3560, 5.IV.1984 (30.022).

Hyphoderma alutaria (Burt) J. Erikss. n.l., Ryvarden, 19532, 1/5.III.1982 ((32.980).
Hyphoderma argillaceum (Bres.) Donk (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden, 1/5.III.1986.
Hyphoderma arguta (Burt) J. Erikss. 3, R & J, M-3580, 6.IV.1984 (30.017).
Hyphoderma brevidens (Pat.) Ryvarden n.l., Ryvarden, 19,796, 1/5.III.1982; ibid., Ryvarden 20.103 (32.978).
Hyphoderma iguazuense Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986). n.l., Ryvarden 19576, 1/5.III.1982 (O).
Hyphoderma praetermissum (P. Karst.) J. Erikss. & Å. Strid (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden 19844, 19858, 20001, 1/5,III.1982 (32.977).
Hyphoderma puberum (Fr.) Wallr. (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden 19679, 1/5.III.1982.
Hyphoderma rude (Bres.) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden 19771, 19773B, 19806, 1/5.III.1982 (32.975).
Hyphoderma setigerum (Fr.) Donk (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden 19.632, 20092, 1/5.III.1982 (32.965).
Hyphodontia alutaria (Burt) J. Erikss. & Ryvarden (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden 19532, 19614, 19823, 1/5.III.1982.
Hyphodontia apacheriensis (Gilb. & Canf.) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986). n.l., Ryvarden, 1/5.III.1982.
Hyphodontia arguta (Fr.) J. Erikss. (Popoff, 2000) 3, 6.IV.1984 R & J (BAFC 30007).
Hyphodontia aff. corrugata (Fr.) J. Erikss. & Ryvarden (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden 19509, 19825, 1/5.III.1982.
Hyphodontia sambuci (Pers.) J. Erikss. & Ryvarden (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden 19780, 1/5.III.1982.
Hyphodontia aff. knysnana (van der Byl) D.A. Reid (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden 19606, 20054, 1/5.III.1982.
Hyphodontia lutescens Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden, 1/5.III.1982.
Hyphodontia tenuicystidia Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden, 1/5.III.1982.
Hyphodontia wrightii Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden, 1/5.III.1982 (O).
Hyphodontia sp. (as Fibrodontia sp.) Ruta 101, road to Yacuy, W, R & J, M-3719, 9.IV.1984 (30.721); Zona intangible, W, R & J, M- 3639, 7.IV.1984 (30.062); Yacuy, Job, M-3776, 22.IX.1984 (30.404); 5, W. D & DB, M-2424, 28.X.1973; 3, R & J, M-3568, 6.IV.1984 (30.044).
Hypochnicium rickii Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden, 20090, 1/5.III.1982 (O).
Lopharia papyrina (Mont.) Boidin 3, Job, M-3821, 23.IX.1984 (30.409).
Odontiopsis hyphodontina Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden, 19559, 19847, 19859, 19864, 1/ 5.III.1982 (32.982, 32.966; also at O).
Radulomyces confluens (Fr.: Fr.) M.P. Christ. (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden 19514, 20.094, 1/5.III.1982.(32.966, also at O).
Schizopora paradoxa (Schrad.: Fr.) Donk [several collections as Poria versipora (Pers.) Rom. (Rajchenberg, 1984)] 3, Job, M-3819, 23.IX.1984 (30.421); Reserva intangible, W, R & J, M-3640, 7.IV.1984 (30.065); 3, R & J, M-3584, M-3588, M-3597, 6.IV.1984 (30.026, 30.027, 30.028, 30.090); 3, W, R & J, M-3687, 8.IV.1984 (30.103); 2, RS, M-1037, 16.IV.1957 (29.113; 29.115); 3,, W, R & J, M-3678, 8.IV.1984 (30.089).
Schizopora trichilae (van der Bijl) Ryvarden 3, W, R & J, M-3679, M-3680, M-3685, 8.IV.1984 (30.090, 30.091, 30.102); 3, R & J, M-3581, 6.IV.1984 (30.029); 3, W, R & J, M-3679, M-3685,.IV.1984 (30.090; 30.102).
Schizopora sp. n.l., Zarza, 9.III.1980 (25.366); n.l., Rajchenberg, M-3485, 1.III.1982 (28.246); Falls, upper circuit, Rajchenberg, 10.IV.1984 (30.049); 3, R & J, M-3577, 6.IV.1984 (30.048); n.l., Rajchenberg, M-3354, 5.III.1980 (28.114); n.l., Rajchenberg, M-3478,
1.III.1982 (28.244); n.l., W, III.1980 (28.247); Falls, upper circuit, Rajchenberg, 1.IV.1984 (30.049); n.l., W, III.1980 (28.247).
Subulicystidium longisporum (Pat.) Parmasto (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden, 19537, 19631, 1/5.III.1980 (32.967, 32.971, 32.981; also at O).

Xenasma praeteritum (H.S. Jacks.) Donk (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden, 19522, 19695, 1/5.III.1982 (O).
Xenasma pruinosum (Pat.) Donk (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden 19730, 1/5.III.1982 (O).

Tubulicium vermiferum (Bourd.) Oberw. ex Jülich (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden,19728, 1/5.III.1982 (O).
Amethicium luteoincrustatum Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Hjortstam & Ryvarden. 1986) n.l., Ryvarden 19529, 1/5.III.1982.
Brevicellicium exile (H.S. Jacks.) K.-H. Larss. & Hjortstam (Hjortstam, 2001)
Cystidiodontia artocreas (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Hjortstam (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden, 1/5.III.1982 (32.973).
Cystiodontia isabellina (Berk. & Broome) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden, 1/5.III.1982.
Dendrodontia bicolor (P.H.B. Talbot) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden, 1/5.III.1982.
Punctularia atropurpurascens (Berk. & Broome) Petch (anamorph = Ptychogaster rubescens Boud.) n.l., W, C & DB, M-3069, 12.IX.1978 (27.399). Phlebiaceae
Phlebia odontoidea Shen H. Wu (Popoff, 2000) Falls, W & al., 7.IV.1984 (30061).

Peniophora sp. n.l., W & Blumenfeld, 7.X.1981 (27.606); Puerto Iguazú, Gómez, 5.V.1966 (LY 5723); n. l., Gómez, 4.V.1966.

Sistotrema brinkmannii (Bres.) J. Erikss. (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden 19787, 1/5.III.1982 (O).
Trechispora farinacea (Pers.: Fr.) Liberta s.l. (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden 19537, 19631, 1/5.III.1982 (O).
Trechispora regularis (Murrill) Liberta (Rajchenberg, 1984; Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden 19570, 19575, 1/5.III.1982 (O).

Coniophoropsis obscura Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden 19677, 1/5.III.1982.
Gyrodontium flavidum (Lloyd) D.A. Reid Plaza de los boyeros, W & Blumenfeld, 7.X.1981 (27.421).

Cotylidia aurantiaca (Pers.) A.L. Welden Arroyo Yacuy, Gómez (24.991; 24.996).
Cotylidia aurantiaca (Pers.) A.L. Welden var. alba D.A. Reid (Reid, 1965) n.l., Singer M-915, 11.IV.1957 (LIL?).
Cotylidia sp. 5, W, M-3362, 7.III.1980 (27.351); 4, W, M-3519, 1/5.III.1982 (28.290); n.l., W, 2.III.1982 (28.004).
Cymatoderma caperatum (Berk. & Mont.) D.A. Reid Upper Circuit, W et al., III.1980 (BAFC).
Cymatoderma dendriticum (Pers.) D.A. Reid Isla San Martín, Popoff, 27.VI. 2003 (BAFC).
Cymatoderma sp. 3, R & J, M-3572, M-3601, 6.IV.1984 (30.033, 30.034); 3, Job, M-3818, 23.IX.1984 (36.400).
Podoscypha bubalina D.A. Reid Zona intangible, W, R & J, M-3628, 7.IV.1984 (30.054).
Podoscypha fulvonitens (Berk.) D.A. Reid var. fulvonitens Ruta 101 towards Yacuy, W, R & J, M-3728, 9.IV.1984 (30.128).
Podoscypha fulvonitens (Berk.) D.A. Reid var. simulans D.A. Reid (Reid, 1965) 2, RS M-1077, 17.IV.1957 (LIL?).
Podoscypha sp. Road to Apepú, W, M-3377, 8.III.1980 (27.027); n.l., C, 12.I.1966 (2 collections); n.l., Gómez G-1277, 4.V.1966; (LY 5661) (3 collections); n.l., W, M-3340, 5.III.1980 (27.396).
Stereopsis sp. Ruta 101, entrance to Park, R & J, M-3759, 11.IV.1984 (30.153); n.l., W, M-3276, 3.III.1980 (26.768).

Stereum ostrea (Blume & Nees: Fr.) Fr. (Popoff, 2000) 2, 17.IV.1957, RS (LIL).
Stereum sanguinolentum (Alb. & Schwein.: Fries) Fr. Upper Circuit, W et al., 26.VI.2003 (BAFC).


Thelephora sp. n.l., Gómez, V.1965.

Byssomerulius hirtellus (Burt) Parmasto (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden, 19641, 1/5.III.1982.
Gloeoporus dichrous (Fr.) Bres. n.l., Rajchenberg, 23.XII.1979 (28.773); n.l., R & J, M-3555, 5.IV.1984 (20.016); 3, R & J, M-3605, 6.IV.1984 (30.015).
Gloeoporus thelephoroides (Hook.) G. Cunn. 3, Job, M-3802, 23.IX.1984 (30.401).
Phanerochaete carnosa (Burt) Parmasto n.l., López, 3.III.1982 (30.169).
Phanerochaete sp. 3, W, R & J, M-3651, 8.IV.1984 (30.074).
Scopuloides rimosa (Cooke) Jülich (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden 19531, 1/5.III.1982 (O).


Amylosporus wrightii Rajchenb. (Rajchenberg, 1984) Road to Apepú, leg. R, M-3503, 4.III.1982 (28290); 3, W, R & J, M-3657, 8.IV.1986 (30.916).

Gloeocystidiellum lactescens (Berk.) Boidin (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden 19.540, 19617, 19836, 1/5.III.1982 (32.986).
Gloeocystidiellum triste Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden 20055, 1/5.III.1982 (O).

Michenera arthrocreas Berk. & M.A. Curtis (anamorph of Aleurodiscus) 3, Keingstein, VII.1984 (30.300); Zona Intangible, Job, 27.IX.1984 (30.301).

Odonticium helgae Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Hortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l, Ryvarden, 1/5.III.1982 (O).
Odonticium laxum (Miller) Ryvarden (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden 19563, 1/5.III.1982 (O).
Steccherinum reniforme (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Banker 3, Job, M-3789, M-3793, 23.IX.1984 (30.423, 30.424); pr. Train station, Popoff & Lechner Or-3, 27.VI.2003 (BAFC); Salto Arrechea, O.F. Popoff, 28.VIII.2003 (BAFC); road to Apepú, Job M-3835, 27.IX.1984 (38.422); Falls, W M-3348, 5.III.1980 (25.373).
Steccherinum sp. Ruta 101, road to Yacuy, W, R & J, M-3720, M- 3730, 9.IV.1984 (29.934, 30.130); 3, R & J, M-3571, 6.IV.1984 (29.933); n.l., Gómez, 4.VII.1966 (LY 5684); Zona Intangible, Job, M-3835, 27.IX.1984 (30.422); n.l., W, M-3348, 5.III.1980 (25.373); 3, Job, M-3827, 26.IX.1984 (30.425).


Amauroderma aff. camerarium (Berk.) J.S. Furtado Ruta 101, entrance to Park, R & J, M-3737, 11.IV.1984 (30.132).
Amauroderma aff. exile (Berk.) Torrend Reserva Intangible, W,R & J, M-3624, 7.IV.1984 (30.030).
Amauroderma aff. schomburgkii (Mont. & Berk.) Torrend Entrance to Park, ruta 101, R & J, M-3753, 11.IV.1984 (30.147).
Amauroderma sp. 3, W, R & J, M-3666, 8.IV.1984 (30.084); n.l., S.López, III.1982 (30.032; 3, W, R. & J, M-3655 (30.078).
Ganoderma lipsiense (Batsch) G.F. Atk. (many specimens as G. applanatum) Salto Arrechea, at end of 3, O.F. Popoff, 28.VIII.2003 (BAFC).
Ganoderma lucidum (Curtis: Fr.) P. Karst. vel aff. (Bazzalo & Wright, 1982; Popoff, 2000) n.l., Bazzalo, M-3375, 14.III.1980 (25.055); Arroyo Yacuy, Gómez, II.1965 (24.418); n.l., 9.I.1987, Upper Circuit, Popoff, 26.VI.2003 (CTES).
Ganoderma subamboinense Henn. var. laevisporum Bazzalo & J.E: Wright (Bazzalo & Wright, 1982) n. l., Bazzalo, 3.III.1980 (25.056).
Ganoderma aff. tornatum (Pers.) Bres. n.l., M-3205, 26.IX.1979; Park, W, 15.V.1993 (33.112).
Ganoderma tuberculosum Murrill n.l., W, Gomez & DB, 7.II.1962 (24.422).
Ganoderma sp. Yacuy, Guerrero; Puerto Iguazu, RS, M-393, 13.IV.1957; n.l., W, 1.III.1982 (28.016); 5, W, 3.III.1982 (28.015); 3, W, R & J, M-3662, 8.IV.1984 (30.082).
Humphreya coffeatum (Berk.)Steyaert Reserva Intangible, W, R & J, M-3625, 7.IV.1984 (30.031).


Lachnocladium sp. 5, R. H. Petersen, 18.VI.2002 (TENN 58.998).
Lachnocladium reticulatum Berk. & M.A. Curtis. 3, K. Hughes, 28.V.2002 (TENN 59.001).
Scytinostroma albocinctum (Berk. & Broome) Boidin & Lanq. (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden,19740, 20049, III.1982 (32.972, also at O).
Scytinostroma ochroleucum (Bres. & Torrend) Donk (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden 19509B, 1/5.III.1982 (O).
Scytinostroma portentosum (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Donk (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden, 19558, 19561, 19573, 19604, 19610, 19622, 19675, 19764, 19792, 19818, 19855, 20046, 1/ 5.III.1982 (33.968; 32.969, 32.070, also at O).
Vararia rugosispora Boidin et al. (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden, 19706, 1/5.III.1982 (O).
Vararia sphaericospora Gilb. (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden 15528 (O).


Asterostroma andinum Pat. (Hjortstam & Ryvarden, 1986) n.l., Ryvarden, 19578, 19.616, 1/5.III.1982 (32.983).
Asterostroma cervicolor (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Massee n.l., Ryvarden, 19.601, 1/5.III.1982 (32.984).
Asterostroma sp. Ruta 101, entrance to Park, R & J, M-3752 11.IV.1984 (30.146)

Coltricia cinnamomea (Pers.) Murrill (Popoff, 2000) Islands of Upper Circuit, under "pindó" (Arecastrum romanzoffianum), 29.II.1996, Popoff et al. 2913 (CTES).
Coltricia spathulata (Hook.) Murrill Reserva Intangible, W, R & J, 7.IV.1984 (29.995); 3, W, R & J, M-3649, 8.IV.1984 (30.072); n.l., 1/ 5.III.1982 (28.287); n.l., Venedikian, III.1980 (29.473); 3, R & J, M-3566, 6.IV.1984 (29.996); n.l., Romero, M-3327, 5.III.1980 (25.451); n.l., RS & Digilio, 26.XI.1949 (25.447); n.l., W & Gómez, 7.II.1962 (25.448); n.l., W, M-3322, 5.III.1980 (25.450); Puerto Iguazú, RS, M-978, 14.IV.1957 (25.454); n.l., Arambarri, III.1980 (25.449).
Coltricia sp. n.l., S.López, 3.III.1982 (30.185); 5, D. Kruger, 28.V.2002 (TENN 589.103).
Cyclomyces iodinus (Mont.) Pat. Ruta 101, entrance to Park, R & J, M-3762, 11.IV.1984 (29.994); n.l., W, M-3291bis, 4.III.1980 (26.598); n.l., W, M-3291, 4.III.1980 (26.596); 2, W, M-3338, 5.III.1980 (26.599); San Martin Fall, W, 3.III.1980 (26.608); Falls, W, 9.III.1980 (26.609); Isla San Martín, O.F. Popoff, 29.VIII.2003 (BAFC).
Hymenochaete anomala Burt (Job, 1985) 3, Job, M-3798, 23.IX.1984 (30.286); n.l., W, M- 3524, 1/5.III.1982 (28.291).
Hymenochaete ceratophora Job (Job, 1985) n.l., W, M-3522, 1/5.III.1982 (28292).
Hymenochaete cervina Berk. & M.A. Curtis (Job, 1985) 3, W, R & J, M-3598, M-3683, 6 IV.1984 (30.257, 30.258); n.l., R & J, M-3602, 6.IV.1984 (30.260); 3, R & J, M-3582, 6.IV.1984 (30.259).
Hymenochaete cinnamomea (Pers.) Bres. (Job, 1985) 3, W, R & J, M-3686, 8.IV.1984 (30.255).
Hymenochaete corrugata (Fr.) Lév. (Job, 1985) n.l., Job, M-3768, 21.IX.1984 (30.282).
Hymenochaete damaecornis Lév. (Job, 1985; Popoff, 2000) Camino a Apepú, W, M-3381, 8.III.1980 (25.371); n.l., C, M-3315, 4.III.1980 (25.363); 3, R & R, M-3562 (30.261); 3, 4.III.1996, Popoff (CTES); n.l., Gómez, DB & Levin, VIII.1964 (29.222); Reserva Intagible, W, R & J, M-3623 , 7.IV.1984 (30.262); ibid., M-3622 (30.263).
Hymenochaete leonina Berk. & M.A. Curtis (Job, 1985) 3, Job, M-3788, 23,IX.1984 (30.285); ibid., W, R & J, M-3675, 8,IV.1984 (30.253); ibid., Job, M-3801, 23.IX.1984 (30.284); ibid., M-3674, 8.IV.1984 (30.252); ibid., M-3659, 6.IV.1984 (30.251); Road to Apepú, W, M-3378, 8.III.1980 (25.362).
Hymenochaete luteobadia (Fr.) Hoehn. & Litsch. (Job, 1985) Arroyo Yacuy, Job, M-3770, 22.IX.1984 (30.289); 5, W, D & DB, M-2431 (29.224); n.l., W, VIII.1980 (25.362).
Hymenochaete microspora Welden (Job, 1985) Road to Yacuy, ruta 101, W, R & J, M-3716 (30.323).
Hymenochaete minuscula G. Cunn. (Job, 1985) n.l., Ryvarden 19.535. 19.538, 1/5.III.1982.
Hymenochaete pinnatifida Burt (Job, 1985) 3, R & J, M-3603 (30.326); Falls, W, III.1982 (28.468); 3, Job, M-3804, 25.IX.1984 (30.287); Arroyo Yacuy, J, M-3781, 22.IX.1984 (30.288); Falls, W, 1/5.III.1982 (30.327).
Hymenochaete rhabarbarina (Berk.) Cooke (Job, 1985) Arroyo Santo Domingo, W, R & J, 9.IV.1984 (30.328).
Hymenochaete sallei Berk. & M.A. Curtis (Job, 1985) 3, Job, M-3794, 23.IX.1984 (30.283).
Hymenochaete sp. n.l., W, R & J, M-3716, 9.IV.1984 (30.323); n.l., R & J, M-3603, 6.IV.1984 (30.326); n.l., W, 1/5.III.1982 (28.468, 30.327); n.l., Job, M-3804, 23.IX.1984 (30.287); n.l., Job, M-3804, 22.IX.1984 (30.288); n.l., W, 1/5.III.1982 (30.327).
Inonotus corrosus Murrill Falls, W, G & DB, 7.II.1962 (24.344); n.l., RS, M- 921, 11.IV.1957 (24.339); Yacuy, Gómez & Guerrero, VI.1965 (24.347); Falls, W, C & DB, M-3065 , 13.IX.1978 (24.447).
Inonotus cuticularis (Bull.:Fr.) P. Karst. n.l., W, M-3273, 3.III.1980 (26.607).
Inonotus patouillardii (Rick) Imazeki (Popoff, 2000) n.l., W, M-3337, 5.III.1980 (26.402); E boundary of Park, 1.III.1996, Popoff & al. (CTES).
Inonotus sp. Yacuy, Job, 22.IX.1984 (30.293); n.l., W, Gómez & DB, 7.II.1961 (24.354).
Phellinus allardii (Bres.) Ryvarden 5, W, R & J, M-3703, 9.IV.1984 (29.932).
Phellinus apiahynus (Speg.) Rajchenb. & J.E. Wright (as P. elegans J.E. Wright & Blumenf.) (Wright & Blumenfeld, 1984) n.l., W, D & DB, M-2405, 27.X.1973 (24.382).
Phellinus aureobrunneus J.E. Wright & Blumenf. (Wright & Blumenfeld, 1984) 2, W, M-3358, 5.III.1980 (26.592).
Phellinus calcitratus (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Ryvarden Park area, W, 8.IX.1992 (32.894)
Phellinus contiguus (Fr.) Pat. 3, R & J, M-3595, 6.IV..1984 (29.837).
Phellinus fastuosus (Lév.) Ryvarden 2, W, M-3359, 4.III.1980 (26.593); 5, W, R & J, M-3702, 9.IV.1984 (29.959); Falls, W, III.1980 (26.603); 2, RS, M-1025, 15.IV.1957 (24.334); Puerto Iguazú, RS, M-922, 11.IV.1957; 5, W, D & DB, M- 2421; 28.X.1973 (24.180); Upper ciruit, O.F. Popoff, 27.VIII.2003 (BAFC).
Phellinus aff. ferruginosus (Schrad.) Pat. 3, Rajchenberg, M-3586, 6.IV.1984 (29.910).
Phellinus gilvus (Schwein.) Pat. Park area, W, III.1982 (28.475); Falls, W, M-3326, 5.III.1980 (26.604).
Phellinus gilvus var. licnoides (Mont.) Lloyd apud Corner n.l., W, D, & DB, M-2404, 27.X.1973 (24.320); 2, RS, M-991, 15.IV.1957 (24.217); Falls, W, Gómez & DB, 7.II.1962 (24.219) ; n.l. W, Gómez & DB, 6.II.1962.; 2, ES, M-1071, 17.IV.1957 (24.218); Falls, Gómez, 8.II.1962 (24.206); Road to Apepú, W, C & DB, M-3066, 13.IX.1978 (24.358); 3, R & J, M-3585, 6.IV.1984; 3, W, R & J, M-3679 bis, 8.IV.1984 (30.164); Park area, W, M-4802, 8.IX.1992 (32.899); Upper circuit, O.F. Popoff, 27.VIII.2003 (BAFC).
Phellinus gilvus var. scruposus (Fr.) Corner 3, O.F. Popoff, 28.VIII.2003 (BAFC).
Phellinus membranaceus J.E. Wright & Blumenf. (Wright & Blumenfeld, 1984) Ruta 101, entrance to Park, R & J, M-3743 (29,.980); 2, R & J, M-3620, 6.IV.1984 (30.002); In
tangible area, W, R & J, M-3629, 7.IV.1984 (29.861); Road to Apepú, Rajchenberg, 8.III.1980 (29,.453); 3, R & J, M-3591 (29.862).
Phellinus pectinatus (Klotzsch) Quél. n.l., 27.X.1973 (24.348); Lower Circuit, R & J, M- 3559, 5.IV.1984 (30.003); Road to Apepú, W, M- 3382, 8.III.1980; Behind Garganta del Diablo Railway Station, O.F. Popoff, 29.VIII.2003 (BAFC).
Phellinus punctatus (Fr.) Pilát 3, W, R & J, M-3665, 8.IV.1984 (30.163); 1, W, D & DB, M-2411, 28.X.1978 (24.034); n.l., W, 5.III.1980 (26.614); 3, R & J, M-3609, 3611, 3577; 6.IV.1984 (29.907, 29.978, 30.005); 3, W, R & J, M-3693, 8.IV.1984 (30.004).
Phellinus rickii (Bres.) A. David & Rajchenb. Road to Puerto Canoas, Job, 24.IX.1984 (30.291); 3,R & J, M-3590, M-3610, M-3687, 6.IV.1984 (29.979, 29.998,30.001); n.l., Job, 25.IX.1984 (30.301).
Phellinus sancti-georgii (Pat.) Ryvarden 3, W, R & J, M-3689, 8.IV.1984 (30.211).
Phellinus spinescens J.E. Wright & G. Coelho (Coelho & Wright, 1996) Falls, lower circuit, on bamboo, Job, M-3769, 21.IX.1984 (31.861); 3, R & J, M-3618, 6.IV.1984 (29.801).
Phellinus swieteniae (Murrill) S. Herrera & Bondartseva Isla San Martín, O.F. Popoff, 29.VIII.2003 (BAFC).
Phellinus wahlbergii (Fr.) D.A. Reid Upper circuit, O.F. Popoff, 27.VIII.2003 (BAFC).
Phellinus sp. n.l., RS & Digilio, 26.XI.1949.
Phylloporia chrysita (Berk.) Ryvarden (Popoff, 2000) 3, W, R & J, M-3663, M-3695, 8.IV.1984 (29.908, 29.909); ibid., M-3660, 28.IV.1984 (29.802); ibid, Job, 23.IX.1984 (30.294); 5, W, R & J, M-3708, 9.IV.1984 (29.993); Falls, W, M-3330, 5.III.1980 (26.610); Route to airport and Route 101, 1.III.1996, Popoff et al. 2945 (CTES); Behind railway Station at Garganta del Diablo, O. F. Popoff, 29.VIII.2003 (BAFC).
Phylloporia parasitica Murrill Road to Apepú, W & Ryvarden, M-3525, on living leaves, 3.III.1982 (BAFC).


Antrodia sp. (mostly as Coriolellus) Falls, Zarza, III.1980 (28.514); Falls, W, M-3304, 3.III.1980; n.l., W, M-3303, 4.III.1980 (27.342).
Ceriporia mellea (Berk. & Broome) Ryvarden (Rajchenberg, 1984) Falls, Ryvarden 19.814, 1/5.III.1982 (31.722); ibid., 4.III.1982 (28.213).
Ceriporia aff. viridans (Berk. & Broome) Donk (some as Poria rhodella (Fr.) Cooke; Rajchenberg, 1984; Popoff, 2000) Falls, Rajchenberg, M-3481, 1.III.1982 (28.248, 28.249); 2, 16.IV.1957, RS (LIL); 2, RS, M-1073, 17.IV.1957 (29.076).
Ceriporia xylostromatoides (Berk.) Ryvarden (Rajchenberg, 1984) Falls, W, D & DB, M-2400, 27.X.1973 (28.062); 2, RS, M-1039, 16.IV.1957 (28.064); Falls, Rajchenberg, 8.III.1980 (28.063); 3, W, R & J, M- 3592, M-3681, M-3682, 6/ 8.IV.1984 (29.997, 30.099, 30.100); n.l., W, D & DB, M-2406., 27.X.1973; 2, RS, M-1039, 16.IV.1957 (28.064).
Cerrena cfr. sclerodepsis (Berk.) Ryvarden 4, W, R & J, M-3631, 7.IV.1984 (30.056).
Coriolopsis byrsina (Mont.) Ryvarden [mainly as C. crocata (Fr.) Murrill] (Wright et al., 1973) n.l., W, 8.IX.1992 (32.960); Falls, W, D & DB, M-2396, 27.X.1973 (23.152); ibid., 28.X.1973, on Solanum cordifolium (23.153); 2, RS, M-1009, 15.IV.1957 (24.837); n.l., RS, M-1009, 15.IV.1957 (24.837).
Coriolopsis floccosa (Jungh.) Ryvarden n.l., Job, M-3829, 26.IX.1984 (30.399).
Coriolopsis polyzona (Pers.) Ryvarden [as C. occidentalis (Kl.) Murrill] (Wright et al., 1973) n.l., Sagastume Berra, 19.VII.1944; Gómez, II.1965 (22.734); Garganta del Diablo, no data, 19.VIII.1944.
Coriolopsis sp. n.l., Rajchenberg, M-3489, 1.III.1982 (28.265).
Daedalea sp. Road to Apepú, Rajchenberg, 8.III.1980 (27.355); ibid., M-3067, 9.IX.1978 (25.481).
Datronia caperata (Berk.) Ryvarden [as Hexagonia caperata (Berk.) J.E. Wright & J.R. Deschamps] (Wright & al., 1973) n.l., Rajchenberg, 11.III.1982 (26.597); W & Blumenfeld, n.l., M-3474, 7.X.1981 (27.062); 3, W, R & J, M-3688, 8.IV.1984 (30.104); Puerto Iguazú, RS M-965, 14.IV.1957 (23.215); Ibid., RS M-923, 12.IV.1957 (27.757); Behind railway Station at Garganta del Diablo , O.F. Popoff, 29.VIII.2003 (BAFC).
Diplomitoporus lenis (P. Karst.) Gilb. & Ryvarden (Rajchenberg, 1984) n.l., W, M-3319, 5.III.1980 (27.656); n.l., Rajchenberg, M-3477, 3480, 1.III.1982 (27.967, 27.968); Ruta 101, entrance to Park, R & J, M-3741, 11.IV.1984 (30.137).
Earliella corrugata (Pers.) Imazeki (as Fomitopsis,Wright & Deschamps, 1975) 5, W, R & J, M-3706, 9.IV.1984; Upper Circuit, O.F. Popoff, 27.VIII.2003 (BAFC); 3, R & J, M-3614, M- 3617; 6.IV.1984 (30.012, 30.013).
Earliella cubensis (Mont.) Imazeki (Wright & Deschamps, 1975) n.l., RS & Digilio, M-68, 26.XI.1949 (23.295); Reserva Apepú, W, C & DB, M-3097, 13.IX.1978 (28.520); Upper Circuit, O.F. Popoff, 27.VIII.2003 (BAFC).
Echinoporia aculeifera (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Ryvarden (as Hirschioporus) (Wright, 1983) n.l., RS & Digilio, M-132, 27.XI.1949 (27.280); Plaza de las Palmeras, W, M-3208 (24.462) W & al.;5, W, 8.IX.1992 , on "incienso" (Myrocarpus frondosus) (33.072).
Flaviporellus splitbergeri (Mont.) Murrill Puerto Iguazú, RS, M-970, 14.IV.1957 (25.214).
Flaviporus liebmanni (Fr.) Ginns Puerto Iguazú, RS, M-949, M 956, M-966, M-918 11/14.IV.1957 (28.783, 28.785, 28.786, 29.787, 29.976); Yacuy, Gómez & Guerrero, V.1965 (28.790); 3. R & J, M-3593, 6.IV.1984 (30.911); n.l., Rajchenberg, 9.III.1980 (28.729).
Flaviporus sp. n.l., W, M-3323, 5.IV.1980 (25.352).
Fomes fasciatus (Sw.: Fr.) Cooke Falls, W, D & DB, M-2397, 27.X.1973 (25.227); Puerto Iguazú, W, D & DB, M-2395, 27.X.1973 (25.228); 3, O.F. Popoff, 28.VIII.2003 (BAFC).
Fomes sp. (s. l.) Puerto Iguazú, RS, n/d.
Fomitopsis feei (Fr.) Kreisel (Wright & Deschamps, 1975) n.l., C, M-3293, 4.III.1980 (25.364); 1, W, R & J, M-3647, 7.IV.1984 (30.070); Puerto Iguazú, RS, 12.IV.1957 (34.534).
Fomitopsis supina (Sw.: Fr.) Ryvarden Falls, Cabral & López, IX.1979 (26.723).
Fomitopsis sp. Falls, W, M-3410, 5.III.1980 (26.613); Park, Rajchenberg, 10.III.1980 (27.363); Falls, W, M-3298, 4.III.1980 (26.769); Road to Apepú, W, M-3386 , 9.III.1980 (27.362); Falls, Rajchenberg, 1.III.1980 (27.360); Falls, Rajchenberg, M-3483, 1.III.1980 (28.269); Falls, W, M-3298, 4.III.1980 (27.361).
Gloeophyllum erubescens (Berk.) Popoff [Ryvarden (1973) has coined the generic name Stiptophyllum for this stipitate Gloeophyllum] Isla San Martín, D. Kruger, 24.V.2002 (TENN 58.914).
Hexagonia hydnoides (Sw.: Fr.) M. Fidalgo (Popoff, 2000) 3, Job, M-3816, 23.IX.1984 (30.418); Puerto Iguazú, RS M-977, 14.IV.1957; n.l., Rajchenberg, M-3502, 3.III.1982 (28.270); Upper Circuit, 21.II.1996, Popoff & al. (CTES); Hotel grounds, R. H. Petersen, 28.V.2001 (TENN 59.100); Isla San Martín, O.F. Popoff, 29.VIII.2003 (BAFC).
Hexagonia papyracea Berk. n.l., W, M-4810, 8.IX.1992 (32.904).
Hydnopolyporus fimbriatus (Fr.) D.A. Reid (Popoff, 2000) n.l., C, M-3310, 4.III.1980 (27.371); Falls, 9.I.1987, Popoff (CTES).
Junghuhnia carneola (Bres.) Rajchenb. [mostly as Poria (Rajchenberg, 1984)] n.l., Rajchenberg, M-3499, III.1982 (27.986, 27.987, 27.988); n.l., Rajchenberg III.1980 (25.372); Ruta 101, road to Yacuy, W, R & J, M-3715, 9.IV.1984 (30.119); Zona intangible, W, R & J, M-3642, 7.IV.1984 (30.065).
Junghuhnia luteoalba (P. Karst.) Ryvarden 5, Rajchenberg, 7.III.1980 (27.990).
Junghuhnia microspora Rajchenb. (Rajchenberg, 1984) Apepú, Rajchenberg, M-3504, M-3510, M-3511, 4/5.III.1982, (29.992, 29.993, 22.994, 22.995); Ruta 101, Road to Yacuy, W, R & J, 9.IV.1984 (30.120); Falls, lower circuit, R & J, M-3556, 5.IV.1984 (30.018)
Junghuhnia undigera (Berk.)Ryvarden (as J. complicata Blumenf. & J.E. Wright) (Blumenfeld & Wright, 1984).
Lenzites betulina (Fr.) Fr. n.l., W, M-3341, 5.III.1980 (27.356).
Loweporus tephroporus (Mont.) Ryvarden [as Loweporus lividus (Kalchbr.) J.E. Wright] (Rajchenberg, 1984) n.l., Rajchenberg, M-3988, 1.III.1982 (28.212); n.l, W, 6.IX.1992 (32.910).
Megasporoporia setulosa (Henn.) Rajchenb. (Rajchenberg, 1984; Popoff, 2002) 3, R & J, M-3574, M-3576, 6.IV.1984 (30.019, 30.020); n.l., Venedikian, III.1980 (27.754); Plaza de las Palmeras, W & Blumenfeld, M-3473, 7.X.1981 (27.609); n.l., Rajchenberg, 4.III.1980 (27.755, 27.756, 27.757); Road to Apepú, Rajchenberg, M-3507, 4.III.1982 (27.066); n.l., 7.X.1981, W & al. M-3473 (BAFC); Upper Circuit, O. F. Popoff, 27.VIII.2003
Microporellus dealbatus (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Murrill 3, Borges da Silveira no. 390, 13.VI.1998 (BAFC).
Microporellus iguazuensis Rajchenb. Apepú, W, M-3379, 8.III.1980 (30.708).
Microporellus sulcatus (Lloyd) Ryvarden Yacuy, Job, M-3778, 22.IX.1984 (30.408).
Microporellus sp. Ruta 101, entrance to Park, R & J, M-3745, M- 3748- M-3751, 11.IV.1984 (30.139, 30.142,30.145); n.l., Piaggio, 1/5.III.1982 (28.294).
Navisporus sulcatus (Lloyd) Ryvarden Yacuy, Job, M-3778, 22.IX.1984 (30.408).
Nigroporus vinosus (Berk.) Murrill Falls, between Bossetti and Two Sisters, W, M- 3735, 9.IV.1984 (30.133); ibid., W M-3351, 5.III.1980 (26.612).
Nigroporus sp. n.l., W, M-3351, 5.III.1980 (26.612).
Oxyporus latemarginatus (Dur. & Mont.) Donk (Rajchenberg, 1984; Popoff, 2002) Zona Intangible, W, R & J, M-3636, M-3637,M- 3643, 7.IV.1984 (30.059,30.060, 30.066); Road to Apepú, Rajchenberg, M-3504, 4.III.1982 (28.242); 4.III.1982, R (28.202).
Pachykytospora alabamae (Berk. & Cooke) Ryvarden (Rajchenberg, 1984) Ruta 101, road to Yacuy, W, R & J, M-3724, M- 3725, 9.IV.1984 (30.125,30.126,); Ruta 101, entrance to Park, R & J, M-3755, M-3756, 11.IV.1984 (30.149, 30.150); 3, R & J, M-3589, 6.IV.1984 (30.021); Road to Apepú, Rajchenberg, 8.III.1980 (27.943).
Perenniporia martius (Berk.) Ryvarden (mostly as Vanderbylia) (Wright & Deschamps, 1975) n.l., W, M-4814, 8.IX.1992 (32.891); W, D & DB, M-2368, 27.X.1973 (23.681); Reserva Apepú, W, D & DB, M-3081, 12.IX.1978; Arroyo Yacuy, Gómez & Guerrero, 20.VI.1965 (23.683); ibid., Job, M-3785, 22.IX.1984 (30.429). Puerto Iguazú, RS, M-968 (23.803), n.l., Rajchenberg, M-3501, 1.III.1982 (28.017); Yacuy, Gómez, II.1965 (23.692); n.l., Moreno & W, 16.V.1993 (33.143); Park, Salto Dos Hermanas, W, Gómez & DB, 7.II.1962 (23.688); Behind railway Station at Garganta del Diablo, O.F. Popoff, 29.VIII.2003 (BAFC).
Perenniporia medulla-panis (Jacq.: Fr.) Donk (some collections as Poria) (Wright & Deschamps, 1975) n.l., Rajchenberg, 8.III.1980 (28.168); Falls, Salto Alvar Núñez, W, M-3307, 28.IX.1979 (28.775); 3, W, R & J, M-3658, 8.IV.1984 (30.079); n.l., W, D & DB, M-2398, 27.X.1973 (23.290); Camino a Apepú, Rajchenberg, 8.III.1980 (28.169); Plaza de las Palmeras, W & Blumenfeld, 7.X.1981 (28.167).
Perenniporia ohiensis (Berk.) Ryvarden (Wright et al., 1985) 5, Rajchenberg, M-3376, 7.III.1980 (27.470).
Perenniporiella neofulva (Lloyd) C. Decock & Ryvarden [Decock & Ryvarden, 2003; as Perenniporia albida Rajchenb. & J. E .Wright (Rajchenberg & Wright, 1982); P. piperis (Rick) Rajchenb. (Rajchenberg, 1987)]; Ruta 101, entrance to Park, R & J, M-3671, 11.IV.1984 (30.154); Puerto Iguazú, RS, M-955, 12.IV.1957 (27.472); n.l., Rajchenberg, 9.III.1980 (27.471); Yacuy, Gómez & Guerrero, VI.1965 (28.523); 5, W, R & J, M-3710, 9.IV.1984 (30.117), Park, W, M-3412, 11.III.1980 (26.722); n.l., W M-4806, 8.IX.1992; (32.900); 5, W, M-3395, 7.III.1980 (26.616).
Poria sp. n.l., Rajchenberg, 4.III.1980 (28.113); 2, W, M- 3354, 5.III.1980.
Pycnoporus sanguineus (L.: Fr.) Murrill Yacuy, Gómez (23.846).
Pyrofomes lateritius (Cooke) Ryvarden (Wright et al., 1996) 5, W, 8.X.1992 (33.072).
Rigidoporus albostygius (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Rajchenb. (Rajchenberg, 1984) 5, Rajchenberg, M-3497, 3.III.1980 (28.024); n.l., 8.III.1980 (25.374); Yacuy, Job, M-3775, 22.IX.1984 (30.419); Ruta 101, entrance to Park, Rajchenberg, M-3739, 11.IV.1984 (30.136); 3, W, R & J, M -3653, 8.IV.1984 (30.076); 3, W, R & J, M-3648, 8.IV.1984 (30.071).
Rigidoporus lignosus (Kl.) Murrill (Wright & Deschamps, 1975) Yacuy, Guerrero, 14.X.1964 (23.451); n.l., Rajchenberg & Blumenfeld, 22.XII.1979; n.l., Gómez, 4.V.1966 (23.436); n.l., W, Gómez & DB, 7.II.1962 (22.668); n.l., Rajchenberg, 3.III.1980.
Rigidoporus lineatus (Pers.) Ryvarden [as R.zonalis (Berk.) Imazeki] n.l., RS & Digilio, 27.XI.1949 (23.483); Puerto Iguazú, Gómez, IV.1966 (23.473).
Rigidoporus microporus (Fr.) Overeem (many as R. zonalis (Berk.) Imazeki (Wright & Deschamps, 1975) 1, W, R & J, M-3645, 7.IV.1984 (30.068); Park, W, 8.IX.1992 (32.890); 3, W, R & J, M-3645, 7.IV.1984 (30.068); Park, W, 8.IX.1992 (32.890).
Rigidoporus ulmarius (Sow.: Fr.) Imazeki (Wright & Deschamps, 1975) 4, W, C & DB, M-3070); 13.IX.1978 (27.401); Yacuy, Gómez, 6.II.1965 (22.713); Park, Klein & Eskuche, VIII.1969 (22.672); Ruta 101, Iaconis, 2.II.1949 (22.665); n.l., Rajchenberg, M-3500, 1.III.1982 (28.271); 1, W, R & J, 7.IV.1984 (30.069).
Rigidoporus vinctus (Berk.) Ryvarden (Rajchenberg, 1984) 4, Rajchenberg, M-3505, M-3509, M-3512, 4.III.1983 (28.019, 28.021); n.l., Rajchenberg, M-3479, 1.III.1982 (28.018); Puerto Iguazú, RS, M-948, 12.IV.1957 (28.022); 3, W, R & J, M-3654, M-3684, 8.IV.1984 (30.077, 30.101); 3, R & J, M-3615, 6.IV.1984 (30.025).
Rigidoporus sp. n.l., W, Altés & Moreno, 16.V.1993 (33.638); n.l., W, M-3275 , M-3329, M-3333, 3/5.III.1980 (26.774); n.l, Rajchenberg, M-3482, M-3458, M-3484, 1.III.1982; 5, W, M-3368, 7.III.1980 (27.404, 28.273, 28.274); n.l., Rajchenberg, 3.III.1982 (28.274).
Tinctoporellus epimiltinus (Berk. & Broome) Ryvarden (Rajchenberg, 1984) n.l., Rajchenberg, 5.III.1980 (27.924); ibid., M- 3487, 1.III.1982 (27.962, 27.963); Road to Apepú, Rajchenberg, 4.III.1982 (27.964); 5, W, R & J, M- 3704, 9.IV.1984 (30.112).
Trametes membranacea (Sw.: Fr.) Kreisel (as Coriolus) n.l., RS, M-978, 14.IV.1957 (28485); n. l., Rajchenberg, 1.III.1982 (28.207); n.l., Rajchenberg, M-3486, 1.III.1982 (28.268); ibid., M-3495, 1.III.1982 (28266).
Trametes modesta (Fr,) Ryvarden 5, W, D & DB, M-2425, 28.X.1973.
Trametes pavonia (Hook.) Ryvarden (Rajchenberg, 1982, as Coriolus) 3, R & J, M-3566, 6.III.1984 (29.996); n.l., Romero, M-3327, 5.III.1980 (25.451); n.l., RS & Digilio, 26.XI.1949 (25.447); n.l., W & Gómez, 7.II.1962 (25.448); n.l., W, M-3322, 5.III.1980 (25.450); Puerto Iguazú, RS, M-978, 14.IV.1957 (25.454); n.l., Arambarri, III-1980 (25.449).
Trametes rigida Berk. & Mont. (Popoff, 2000) 3, Job, 26.IX.1984 (BAFC).
Trametes villosa (Fr.) Kreisel [mostly as Coriolus pinsitus (Fr.) Pat. (Wright et al., 1973; Popoff, 2000)] 4, W, Cabral, DB, M-3063, M-3067, 9/14.IX.1978; n.l., 9.I.1987, Popoff (CTES); Hotel grounds, R. H. Petersen, 28.V.2001 (TENN 58.923); 3, O.F. Popoff, 28.VIII.2003 (BAFC).
Trametes sp. n.l., W, Gómez & DB, 7.II.1962 (28.486); n.l., W, M-3321, 5.III.1980 (26.773).
Trichaptum byssogenum (Jungh.) Ryvarden (as Trametes versatilis Berk. (Wright & Deschamps, 1975/76)] n.l., RS & Digilio, M-21, M-100, 22/26.XI.1949 (23.467, 23.903); n.l., Deschamps,17.VIII.1979; n.l., Rajchenberg, 22.XII.1979.
Trichaptum sector (Ehrenb. :Fr.) Kreisel n.l., W, M-3277, M-3302, M-3355, 3.III.1980 (27.373, 27.376, 27.277); n.l., Rajchenberg, M-3368, 22.XII.1979; n.l., C, M-3305, 4.III.1980 (27.375); n.l., Rajchenberg, M-3492, 1.III.1982; Yacuy, Job, M- 3774, 22.IX.1984 (30.403).
Trichaptum sp. (mainly as Hirschioporus) Puerto Iguazú, RS, M-977, 14.IV.1957; n.l., Rajchenberg, M-3502, 3.III.1982 (28.270).
Tyromyces sp. 3, R & J, M-3596, M-3669, 6/8.IV.1984 (30.050, 30.086); n.l., W, M-3296, M-3318, M-3318, 4/5.III.1980 (27.417, 27.418, 26.5940); n.l., W, D & DB, M-2399, 27.X.1973.; n.l., W, M-3308, 7.IV.1984 (30.062); n.l., W, M-3308 bis, 4.III.1980 (22.615, 26.601); 5, Ferraro, 1/5.III.1982 (28.293).


Echinochaete brachyporus (Mont.) Ryvarden (Popoff, 2000) 3, R & J, M-3616, 6.IV.1984 (30.007); Falls, W, M-3518, 5.III.1982 (28.297) (Popoff, 2000).
Mycobonia aff. flava (Berk.) Pat. Falls, C, III.1980.
Polyporus arcularioides A. David & Rajchenb. Falls, I.1980, W (50.670).
Polyporus curtipes (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Ryvarden [several as Pseudofavolus cucullatus (Mont.) Pat.] Falls, 26.IX.1979, W (25176); Lower Circuit, R & J, 5.IV.1984 (30023); 3. Silveira et al.,2.VI.1998, (50350); 4. W, R & J, 7.IV.1984 (30.024).
Polyporus dictyopus Mont. 3, W, R & J, M-3652, M-3673, M-3677, 8.IV.1984 (30.075, 30.087, 30.088); Ruta 101, entrance to Park, R & J, M-3736 , M-3757, 11.IV.1984 (30.134, 30.151); Zona Intangible, W, R & J, M-3630, 7.IV.1984 (30.055); Yacuy, Job, 22.IX.1984 (30.414); 3, R & J, 22.IX.1984 (30.047); 3, W, R & J, 8.IV.1984 (30.075, 30.088); 3, Job, 23.IX.1984 (30.412, 30.416); 3. Silveira
et al., 2.VI.1998 (50.783); 3, W, R & J, 8.IV.1984 (30.087, 30416, 30.412); 4, W, R & J, 7.IV.1984 ( 30.055).
Polyporus guianensis Mont. var. guianensis Road to Apepú, W, D & DB, M-3380, 8.III.1979 (31.989); Falls, W et al., 16.V.1993 (33.642).
Polyporus guianensis Mont. var. puttemansii Henn. Route 101 towards Sto. Domingo, W, R & J, 9.IV.1984 (30.122).
Polyporus leprieurii Mont. 5, W, R & J, M-3709, 9.IV.1984 (30.116); Ruta 101, entrance to Park, W, R & J, M-3749, M-3750, 11.IV.1984 (30.143, 30.144); n.l., Grosso, M-3493, 1/ 5.III.1982 (28.296); 3, Silveira et al., 5.VI.1998 (50.784).
Polyporus melanopus Fr. 5, E. Albertó, 28.V.2001 (TENN 59.112, 59.113).
Polyporus philippinensis Berk. 3, R & J, 6.IV.1984 (BAFC 30.008); 3, Silveira et al., 2.VI.1998. (50.765, 50.766).
Polyporus tenuiculus (Beauv.) Fr. [mostly as Favolus brasiliensis (Fr.) Fr. (Popoff, 2000) Falls, Rajchenberg, 22.XII.1979 (25.175); Park, W, 1/5.III.1982 (28.007; 28.008); 3, R & J, M-3563; 6.IV.1984 (30.008); ibid., M-3064 (30.009); Falls, W, 5.III.1982 (28.008); 1, W, R & J, 7.IV.1984 (30.067); lower circuit, R & J, 5.IV.1984 (30.010); 5, Silveira et al.,4.VI. 1988 (50.811); entrance to Park and Route 101, Silveira et al., 4. VI. 1998 (50.812, 50.358, 50.359); Isla San Martín, Silveira et al., 3.VI. 1998 (50.353, 50.354, 50.355, 50.356); 3, R & J, 6.IV.1984 (30.009)¸ 3, Popoff et al., 3.IV.1996; Silveira et al., 2.VI.1998 (50.349, 50.813, 50.350, 50.765, 50.352); 3, W, R & J, 8.IV.1984 (30.081); road to Falls, Gazzola, 7.IX.1996 (34.370); ibid., Silveira et al., 3.VI.1998 (50.814, 50.815, 50.816); forbidden area, W, R & J, 7.IV.1984 (30.064); Islands of Upper Circuit, Popoff et al.,29.II.1996 (CTES); 3, Popoff et al.,3-4-III.1996 (CTES); Isla Grande, Ferraro et al., 30.III.1995 (CTES); Upper circuit, W, Popoff & Lechner M- 5004, 26.VI.2003 (51.304).
Polyporus tricholoma Mont. Ruta 101, W, D & DB, M-2422, 28.X.1973 (50.862).
Polyporus udus Jungh. 3, Job, 26.IX.1984 (30.410).
Polyporus virgatus Berk. & M.A. Curtis Isla San Martín, E. Albertó, 24.V.2001 (TENN 58.908); El Palmital, E. Albertó, 24.V.2001 (TENN).
Polyporus sp. n.l., C, M-3336, 5.III.1980 (27.398); Road to Apepú, W, M-3396, 8.II.1980 (26.767); 5, W, R & J, M-3707, M-3713, 9.IV.1984 (30.115, 30.118); n.l., Gazzola, 7.IX.1996 (34.317); Zona Intangible, Job, M-3832, 27.IX.1984 (30.117) ; Plaza de las Palmeras, W & Blumenfeld, M-3470?, 7.X.1981; 1, W, D & DB, M-2414, 28.X.1973; n. l.,W, 7.II.1962; n.l., W, D & DB, M-2403, 27.X.1973; n.l., RS, M-952, 12.IV.1957.

Lentinus bertieri (Fr.) Fr. Upper Circuit, O.F.Popoff. 27.VIII.2003 (BAFC).
Lentinus similis Berk. & Broome 6, Popoff 3669, 5.III.2003 (51.228).
Lentinus strigellus Berk. Sendero Yacaratia, E. Vadell, II.2001 (BAFC nº 51.404)
Lentinus strigosus (Schwein.) Fr. [as Panus rudis Fr.; see Pegler (1983) and Singer & Digilio (1951)] n.l., RS & Digilio, M-16, XI.1949 (LIL).
Lentinus swartzii Berk. [as Panus schnyderi (Speg.) Sing., see Pegler (1983) and Singer & Digilio (1951)] n.l., RS & Digilio, M-40 (LIL); 5, Popoff 3664, 5.III.2003 (51.300).
Lentinus velutinus Fr. Falls, L. Ryvarden, III-1982 (O); Falls, E. Albertó, V-2000 (BAFC 51.234).
Panus sp. n.l., W, M-3431, 29.IX.1980 (27.389); n.l., C, 15.I.1966.; Plaza de las Palmeras, W & Blumenfeld, 7.X.1981 (27.605).

Schizophyllum commune Fr. 3, D. Kruger, 29.V.2002 (TENN 59.117).
Schizophyllum sp. n.l., W,C & DB, 9.IX.1978;Falls, C, M-3293, 4.III.1980 (25.364); 1, W, R & J, M-3647, 7.IV.1984 (30.070).


Ramaria cyanocephala (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Corner n.l., R.H.Petersen, 24.V.2002 (TENN).
Ramaria gracilis (Fr.) Quél. 3, K. Hughes, 28.V.2002 (TENN 59.005).
Ramaria sp. Ruta 101, entrance to Park, R & J, M-3738, 11.IV.1984 (30.135); ibid., M-3747 (30.141); n.l., W 3346, 5.III.1980 (27.030).
Ramariopsis sp. n.l., R.H.Petersen, 24.V.2001 (TENN).


Chaetotyphula hyalina (Jungh.) Corner var. minor Corner (Corner, 1957). n.l., RS 22, 1949.
Pterula aff. gordius (Speg.) Corner Road to Apepú, W, R & J, 5.IV.1984 (30.098).
Deflexula aff. nivea (Pat.) Corner 5, W, III.1982 (27.999); 5.III.1980 (27.022).
Deflexula sp. Cataratas, W, 1.III.1982, s/corteza (28.458, 28.455, 28.454).
Scytinopogon sp. 3, K. Hughes, 28.V.2002 (TENN 58.960).


Hygroaster iguazuensis Lechner & J.E. Wright (Lechner et al. 2005) Detour route 101 between "El Timbó" port and "Garganta del Diablo", Popoff 3690, 6.III.2003 (51.301).

Campanella alba (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Singer (Singer, 1961) 2, RS, M-988,15.IV.1957.
Chaetocalathus liliputianus (Mont.) Singer (Singer, 1976) n.l., RS, M-98, 26.II.1949 (also LIL; Singer & Digilio, 1951).
Clitopilus septicoides (Henn.) Singer (Singer & Digilio, 1951) n.l., RS & Digilio, M-54, 22.XI.1949 (LIL).
Collybia dryophila (Bull.: Fr.) Kummer Behind Park Warden´s house, Lechner & Popoff M-5034, 26.VI.2003 (51.295).
Collybia sp. Park, W, III/1980.
Crinipellis missionensis Singer (Singer, 1976) n.l., RS, M-123, 25.II.1949 (also LIL, Singer & Digilio, 1951).
Dictyopanus pusillus (Pers. ex Lév.) Singer Falls, C, III.1980 (det. E. Horak); Hotel grounds, R. H. Petersen, 24.V.2002 (TENN 59.011).
Favolaschia flava (Bres.) Singer (Singer & Digilio, 1951) n.l., RS & Digilio, M-28, M-79, 22/26.XI.1949 (LIL).
Favolaschia sp. n.l., C, M-3288, 4.III.1980 (27.357).
Filoboletus gracilis (Klotzsch apud Berk.) Singer 5, W, R & J, M-3712, 9.IV.1984 (30.380); 4, W, R & J, M-3634, 7.IV.1984 (30.381); Isla San Martín, Popoff & Lechner, Popoff 986. 988, 989, 27.VI.2002 (51.224, 51.266, 51.167).
Gloiocephala spathularia Singer 3, Job, M-3800, 23.IX.1984 (30.576).
Hohenbuehelia angustata (Berk.) Singer Camping Ñandú, Popoff 3849, III.2004 (BAFC).
Hohenbuehelia nigra (Schwein.) Singer Upper circuit, Wright & al. M-5013, 26.VI.2003 (51-297).
Hohenbuehelia paraguayensis (Speg.) Singer n.l., RS, M-49, 24.XI.1949 (33.775) (also LIL, Singer, 1952).
Hohenbuehelia portegna (Speg.) Singer Upper circuit, Wright & al., M. 5010, 26.VI. 2003. (BAFC); Isla San Martín, Popoff & Lechner M-5017, 26.VI.2003 (51.312).
Hypholoma aff. trinitensis (Dennis) Singer Camping Ñandú, Popoff, III.2004 (BAFC)
Laccaria sp. (Lechner et al. unpublished) El Palmital, ruta 107, 5.III.2003 (BAFC 51.334).
Lactocollybia angiospermarum Singer (Singer & Digilio, 1951; Singer, 1970) n.l., RS & Digilio, M-109, 26.XI.1949 (LIL).
Lactocollybia modesta Singer n.l., A. Martínez, 4.III.1980.
Lactocollybia microspora Singer (Singer, 1961, 1970) Puerto Iguazú, RS, M-950, 12.IV.1957 (LIL).
Lentinula sp. 5, K. Hughes, 28.V.2002 (TENN 58.991).
Lepista nuda (Bull.: Fr.) Cooke Falls, in lawn, in front of old hotel, W, M-5027, 26.VI.2003 (BAFC 51.270).
Leucopaxillus gracillimus Singer & A.H. Sm. Grounds of CIES, Popoff & Lechner M. 5026 bis, 27.VI.2003 (51.264).
Lulesia sp. (Lechner et al. unpublished) Desvío 101, sobre puesto 'El Timbó', Garganta del Diablo, 6.III.2003 (BAFC 51.332).
Marasmiellus bonaerensis (Speg.) Singer (Singer, 1973)
2, RS M-1062, 17.IV.1957 (F).
Marasmiellus concolor Berk. & M.A. Curtis (Singer & Digilio, 1951) n.l., RS, M-1002, 15.IV.1957; n.l., RS & Digilio, M-57, IX.1949 (LIL, as Marasmius).
Marasmiellus gilvus (Pat.) Singer (Singer, 1973) Puerto Iguazú, RS M-976, 14.IV.1957 (FH).
Marasmiellus iguazuensis Singer (Singer, 1973) 2, RS M-1024, 15.IV.1957 (FH).
Marasmiellus microscopicus (Speg.) Singer n.l., RS, M-89, 26.XI.1949.
Marasmiellus misionensis Singer (Singer, 1973) Puerto Iguazú, RS M-981, 14.IV 1957 (FH).
Marasmiellus nigripes (Schwein.) Singer (Singer & Digilio, 1951) n.l., RS, M-47, 24.XI.1949; n.l., RS & Digilio, M- 85, IX.1949 (LIL).
Marasmiellus oligocinsulae Murrill (Singer & Digilio, 1951) n.l., RS & Digilio, M-57, 24.XI.1949 (LIL).
Marasmiellus rugulosus (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Singer (Singer & Digilio, 1951; Singer, 1973) n.l., RS & Digilio, M-103, 26.IX.1949 (LIL).
Marasmiellus vinosus Singer ex Singer & Digilio (Singer, 1973) n.l., RS, M-84, 25.XI.1949 (also LIL, Singer & Digilio, 1951).
Marasmiellus sp. Hotel grounds, R. H. Petersen, 18.V.2002 (TENN 58.954).
Marasmius berteroi (L{ev.) Murrill var. major Singer (Singer, 1965, 1976) 2, Guerrero 133, 29.II.1960 (LIL).
Marasmius brevipes Berk. & Ravenel n.l., W, III.1980; Hotel grounds, R. H. Petersen, 18.V.2001 (TENN 58.988).
Marasmius cohortalis Berk. Upper Circuit, Wright & al., 26.VI.2003 (51.315).
Marasmius corrugatus Pat. var. portonovensis Singer (Singer, 1976) 2, Guerrero 114, 29.II.1960 (LIL).
Marasmius crinis-equi F. Muell. ex Kalchbr. (telepodia) (Wright & Ferraro, 1986) Plaza de las Palmeras, nest of "boyero", W, M- 3515, 1/5.III.1982; Salto Arrechea, Popoff Or-3784, 28.VIII.2003 (51-304).
Marasmius haematophilus (Mont.) Singer (Singer, 1965) Salto Alvar Núnez, Guerrero?, 7.II.1962.
Marasmius iguazuensis Singer (Singer & Digilio, 1951; Singer, 1965).. n.l., RS & Digilio, M-23, M-84, 26.XI.1949 (LIL); 2, RS M-1012, 15.IV.1957 (LIL).
Marasmius marthae Singer 3, Lechner & Popoff M-5044, 27.VI.2003 (51.282).
Marasmius missionensis Singer (Singer, 1976) 2, RS, M-1047, 1/6.IV.1957.
Marasmius neosessilis Singer (Singer, 1965, 1976) n.l., RS, M-57, 24.II.1949 (also LIL; Singer, 1958a).
Marasmius niveus Mont. Upper Circuit, Lechner & Popoff Or-973, 26.VI.2003 (51.273); Old hotel park, Lechner & Popoff M-5029, 27.VI.2003 (51.279).
Marasmius pallipes Speg. (Singer, 1976) Puerto Canoas, Guerrero 118, 29.II.1960 (LIL).
Marasmius poromycenoides Singer (Singer, 1965) 2, Guerrero 132, 29.II.1960 (LIL).
Marasmius portonovensis Singer (Singer, 1965) 2, Guerrero 114, 29.II.1960 (LIL).
Marasmius rhabarbarinus Berk. Puerto Canoas, Guerrero 73, II.1960.
Marasmius aff. rotalis Berk. & Broome (Singer, 1965) n.l., RS & Digilio, M-26, 22/24.XI.1949 (LIL).
Marasmius rotula Berk. & Broome (Singer & Digilio, 1951) n.l., RS & Digilio, M-26, M-53, 22/24.XI.1949 (LIL).
Marasmius sanguirotalis Singer var. paucilamellatus Singer Upper circuit, W, Lechner & Popoff M-5011, 26.VI.2003 (51.283).
Marasmius spaniophyllus Berk. var. iguazuensis Singer (Singer, 1976) n.l., RS & Digilio, M-84, 25.II.1949. (LIL); 2, RS M-57, 15.IV.1957 (LIL).
Marasmius spegazzinii Bres. Isla San Martín, Popoff & Lechner M-5012, 5025, 26.VI.2003 (51.275, 51.314).
Marasmius viegasii Singer 5, Popoff 3671, 5.III.2003 (51.299).
Megacollybia sp. 3, K. Hughes, 18.VI.2001 (TENN 59.002).
Mycena euspeirea Berk. & M.A. Curtis Upper circuit, Wright & al., M-5005, 26.VI.2003 (51.309); Upper circuit, behind warden´s house, Popoff & Lechner, 27.VI.2003 (51.310); Upper circuit, Popoff & Lechner M-5014, 26.VI.2003 (51.307); ibid., M-5000, 26.VI.2003 (51.308); ibid., W et al., Or-972, 26.VI.2003 (51.311).
Mycena niveipes (Murrill) Murrill Upper circuit, behind Warden´s house, Popoff & Lechner M.5033, 27.VI.2003; M-5009, 26.VI.2003 (51.310); Upper circuit, W, Popoff & Lechner M- 5009, 26.VI.2003 (51.296).
Mycena sosarum Singer Intersection route 101 behind "Garganta del Diablo", Popoff & Lechner M-5040, 27.VI.2002 ( 51.284); Park, Popoff & Lechner M-5031, 27.VI.2003 (51.313).
Oudemansiella canarii (Jungh.) Höhn. n.l., RS, M-582, 7.II.1962; Isla San Martín, Popoff & Lechner M-5023, 27.VI.2003 (51.265).

Pleurotus albidus (Berk.) Pegler (known mostly as P. laciniato-crenatus Speg.) Pto. Iguazú, III-1981? (BAFC).
Pleurotus djamor (Fr.) Boedijn var. roseus Corner Isla San Martín, Popoff & Lechner M-5017, 27.VI.2003 (51.281).
Xerula sp. 5, K. Hughes, 18.VI.2001 (TENN 58.945).
Pluteus aethalus (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Singer (Singer & Digilio, 1951) n.l., RS & Digilio, M-87, 26.XI.1949 (LIL).
Pluteus caldariorum Henn. n.l., Singer & Digilio, M-108, 26.XI.1949.
Pluteus iguazuensis Singer n.l., RS, M-87, 26.XI.1949 (also LIL; Singer, 1958b). Pluteus polycystis Singer 2, RS, M-1066, 17.IV.1957 (also LIL; Singer, 1958b).
Pluteus riberaltensis Singer var. missionensis Singer (Singer, 1961) n.l., Guerrero, 29.II.1960.
Pluteus subcervinus (Berk. & Broome) Sacc. Train Station, Popoff, VIII.2004 (BAFC).

Agaricus endoxanthus Berk. & Broome Intersection route 101, behind Garganta del Diablo, Lechner & Popoff M-5037, 27.VI.2003 (51.274).
Lepiota helveola Bres. sensu Huijsman Isla San Martín, Popoff & Lechner M-5020, 27.VI.2003 (51.276).
Leucoagaricus aff. rubrosquamosus (Rick) Singer Intersection route 101 behind Gargante del Diablo, Popoff & Lechner M-5038, 27.VI.2003 (51.263).
Macrolepiota aff. gracilenta (Krombh.) Moser in Gams Falls, Upper circuit, W. Popoff & Lechner, M- 5003 (51.268).

Galerina sp. (Lechner et al., unpublished) Isla San Martín, 26.VI.2003 (BAFC 51.333).
Gymnopilus earlei Murrill Falls, Lower circuit, Popoff & Lechner Or 985, 26.VI.2003 (51.304).
Gymnopilus lepidotus Hesler Ia. San Martín, Popoff & Lechner, M-5024, Or. 25-26, 28-VI.2003 (BAFC).
Gymnopilus sp. n.l., Deschamps, 24.IX.1981 (28.467).
Phaeomarasmius aff. ciliatus Singer Old hotel Park, Lechner & Popoff M-5032, 27.VI.2003 (51.280).

Crepidotus australis Singer (Singer, 1973) 2, RS M-1030, 16.IV.1957 (BAFC).
Crepidotus martini Singer ssp. australis Singer 2, RS, M-1033, 16.IV.1957 (31.971).
Crepidotus nephrodes (Berk. & M.A:Curtis) Sacc. Train Station, Popoff, VIII.2003 (BAFC).
Crepidotus palmarum Singer (Singer & Digilio, 1951; Singer, 1973) n.l., RS & Digilio, M-135, 27.XI.1949 (LIL).
Crepidotus quitensis Pat. (Singer, 1973) n.l., RS & Digilio, M-105, 26.XI.1949 (LIL).
Crepidotus quitensis Pat. f. mixta Singer (Singer & Digilio, 1951) n.l., RS & Digilio, M-45, 22.XI.1949 (LIL).
Conocybe missionum Singer (Singer & Digilio, 1951) n.l., RS & Digilio, M-104, 26.XI.1949 (LIL).
Pholiotina septentrionalis (A.M. Sm.) Singer n.l., Gómez, comm. RS, M-5369, VII.1965.
Stropharia rugoso-annulata Farlow ex Murrill. Sendero Yacaratia, under Chorisia, Popoff 3829, III.2004 (BAFC).
Melanotus eccentricus (Murrill) Singer Lower circuit, K. Hughes, 28.V.2001 (TENN 59.000).

Coprinus aff. rufopruinatus Romagn. 3, Popoff & Lechner M-5043, 27.VI.2003 (51.262).


Phlebopus tropicus (Rick) Heinem. & Rammeloo pr. Intendencia local (now CIES lab.), R & J, 6.IV.1984 (30.046); 3, Popoff & Lechner, M-5042, 27.VI.2003 ( 51.269).


Dictyophora indusiata (Vent.) Desv. n.l., C, III, 1981 (BAFC).


Cyathus montagnei Tul. & C. Tul. Road to Apepú, W, 4804, 8.IX.1992 (32.905).
Cyathus pallidus Berk. & M.A. Curtis n.l., W, M-32904, M-3295, M-3299 4.III.1980 (25.350, 25.368); ibid., 1/5.III.1982, (28.005).
Cyathus sp. 3, Job, M-3817, 23.IX.1984 (30.575); Sendero Yacaratiá, Popoff 3828, III.2004 (BAFC)
Sphaerobolus sp. 3, W, R & J, 8.IV.1984 (30.393); 4, W, M-3384, 8.III.1980 (27.408).


Geastrum saccatum Fr. n.l., W, M-3325, 5.III.1980 (33.169); n.l., C. M- 3285, 4.III.1980 (25.370).
Geastrum schweinitzii (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Zeller (as Geastrum spegazzinianus De Toni) n.l., C, M-3289, 4.III.1980 (25.367).
Geastrum sp. n.l., C, M-3289, 4.III.1980 (25.362); n.l., W, M- 3292, 4.III.1980 (25.365); 5, W, R & J, M-3705, 9.IV.1984 (30.113); 3, W, R & J, M-3690, 8.IV.1984 (30.105); ibid.; 5, W, 3.III.1982 (28.009); 3, Altés, Wright & Moreno, 15.V.1993; 3, ibid.,(33.093); 5, W, 1/5.III.1982 (28.010); n.l., ibid. (28.472, immature).
Calvatia pyriformis (Lév.) Kreisel 3, W et al., IX.1984 (BAFC).
Lycoperdon perlatum Pers.: Pers. 5, W, 3.III.1982 (28.012).
Lycoperdon sp. Sendero Yacaratiá, Popoff 3826, III.2004 (BAFC).
Morganella fuliginea (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Kreisel & Dring (Suárez & Wright, 1996) n.l., C, M-3314, 4.III.1980 (27.386); n.l. 2, RS, M- 1011, 15.IV.1957 (32.117).
Vascellum hyalinum Homrich (Homrich & Wright, 1988) 3, W, R & J, M-3696, 8.IV.1984 (30.208).
Scleroderma sp. Falls, in front of old hotel, among grass, Popoff 3844, III.2004 (BAFC).
Arachnion aff. album Schwein. 3, W, R & J, M-3676, 8.IV.1984 (30.210).


Tulostoma exasperatum Mont. (Wright, 1987) 5, W, M-3363, 7.III.1980; 5,C, M-3363, 7.III.1980 (BAFC).

Bactridium flavum Kunze Yacuy, Job, M-3780, 22.IX.1984 (30.398).
Melanographium sp. 5, Carmarán, III-1993 (33.588).
Ramoconidiifera verrucosa B. Sutton, Carmarán & A.I. Romero n.l., Carmarán, III.1993 (33.594).


The present check-list contains a total of 330 specific and infraspecific named taxa, of which the majority belong to Stereales (67), Hymenochaetaceae (43), Poriales (68), and Agaricales s. l. (90), of which the Tricholomataceae Comprise 61 taxa. Some groups are extremely underrepresented due to lack of adequate study, namely, the Ascomycota as a whole (with only 35 taxa), the Phragmobasidiomycetes (with 16), the Clavariaceae s. l. with a scant 3, the Myxomycota (with only 4), and the Lycoperdales (also with 8). The group that has received most study are the Aphyllophorales, which account for almost half of the total of identified taxa. The abundance of Hymenochaetaceae is remarkable. A novelty is the inclusion of slime-molds, which produced so far 10 taxa.


We wish to express our appreciation to the numerous persons who have contributed to this work, particularly Mrs. Laura Del Busto, for tedious bibliographical searches, the Argentine National Park Service, for authorizing collecting trips of the senior author to the Iguazú Nat´l Park and other facilities, which included two international work-shops in 1980 and 1981, with the assistance of Drs. E. Horak (Zurich) and L. Ryvarden (Oslo), respectively, in the collection and identification of numerous specimens. These collecting trips were shared with Dr. J. R. Deschamps, the late Mr. E. Del Busto, the late Lic. C. E. Gómez and Dr. Daniel Cabral, whose unflinching enthusiasm laid the foundations for this work. More lately, field trips were undertaken with the youthful company of Drs. Orlando F Popoff and Bernardo E. Lechner. This research was funded by the University of Buenos Aires, the U.S. National Science Foundation (1961), the Myls Pedersen Botanica Foundation and the Argentine Nat´l Research Council throughout the years, and constitutes Paper no.160 of the PRHIDEB-CONICET. We wish to express also our deep appreciation to Dr. R. H. Petersen (University of Tennessee), for making available his data-base of Argentine fungi to us and for reading the original draft of this paper and making valuable suggestions. Mr. A. de Meijer (Curitiba) is acknowledged for pertinent corrections concerning some species.


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