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Ameghiniana vol.44 no.4 Buenos Aires Oct./Dec. 2007

 Artículos originales
 ·  Sigmodontines (Rodentia: Cricetidae) from the Pleistocene-Holocene Boundary of the Tafí Valley (Tucumán, Argentina): Taxonomy, Taphonomy and Paleoenvironmental significance
Ortiz, Pablo E.; Jayat, J. Pablo

        · abstract in English | Spanish     · text in Spanish
 ·  Four Upper Triassic florules from central southern Chile (Cerro Ranguilí, Cerro Quilvo, Cerro Gupo and Río Quillén)
Troncoso, Alejandro; Herbsth, Rafael

        · abstract in English | Spanish     · text in Spanish
 ·  Oligocene Scorpion and insects (Plecoptera and Coleoptera) from the Los Ahuehuetes Locality, Puebla, Mexico
Cifuentes-Ruiz, Paulina; Vega, Francisco J.; Cevallos-Ferriz, Sergio R.S.; González-Soriano, Enrique; Zaragoza-Caballero, Santiago; Garibayromero, Luis

        · abstract in English | Spanish     · text in English
 Comentario bibliográfico
 ·  Glorified Dinosaurs: The Origin and Early Evolution of Birds
Marsicano, Claudia

        · text in Spanish
 Artículos originales
 ·  Ashgill bryozoans from the Iberian Chains (NE Spain) and their contribution to the Late Ordovician biodiversity peak in North Gondwana
Jiménez-Sánchez, Andrea; Spjeldnaes, Nils; Villas, Enrique

        · abstract in English | Spanish     · text in English
 ·  New records of ordovician graptolites and conodonts from Estancia San Isidro and Empozada formations, San Isidro Creek, Mendoza Precordillera, Argentina
Ortega, Gladys; Albanesi, Guillermo L.; Heredia, Susana E.; Beresi, Matilde S.

        · abstract in English | Spanish     · text in Spanish
 ·  A new palm trunk from the Upper Cretaceous of Argentina
Ottone, Eduardo G.

        · abstract in English | Spanish     · text in English
 ·  A new carpoid (class Cincta Jaekel, 1918) from northern Spain and its bearing on the functional morphology of the operculum
Zamora, Samuel; Liñán, Eladio; Gámez Vintaned, José A.; Domínguez Alonso, Patricio; Gozalo, Rodolfo

        · abstract in English | Spanish     · text in Spanish
 ·  Reply to Axsmith et al. ´s (2007) paper published in Ameghiniana 44: 223-230: The ´new approach to Corystospermales´ and the Antarctic Fossil Record:A Critique
Artabe, Analía E.; Brea, Mariana

        · abstract in English | Spanish     · text in Spanish
 Notas paleontológicas
 ·  Nueva especie de Pseudonotictis Ameghino (Metatheria, Sparassodonta, Hathliacynidae) del Mioceno medio de Chubut noroccidental, Argentina
Martín, Gabriel M.; Tejedor, Marcelo F.

        · text in Spanish
 ·  Xenarthra (Mammalia) del Pleistoceno tardío-Holoceno temprano del Departamento Río Cuarto, provincia de Córdoba, Argentina: Aspectos bioestratigráficos
Cruz, Laura Edith

        · text in Spanish
 ·  Grupo Puesto Viejo nom. transl. por Formación Puesto Viejo González Díaz, 1964, 1967: nuevas interpretaciones paleontológicas, estratigráficas y cronológicas
Stipanicic, Pedro N.; González Díaz, Emilio F.; Zavattieri, Ana M.

        · text in Spanish

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