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Biocell vol.35 no.2 Mendoza May/Aug. 2011

 Original Articles
 ·  The ovary of Lagostomus maximus (Mammalia, Rodentia): an analysis by confocal microscopy
Espinosa, María B.; Fraunhoffer, Nicolás A.; Leopardo, Noelia P.; Vitullo, Alfredo D.; Willis, Miguel A.

        · abstract in English     · text in English
 ·  Comparison of inflammatory microRNA expression in healthy and periodontitis tissues
Wa Lee, Young H; Am Na, Hee S; Jeong, So Y Eon; Jeong, Sung H Ee; Park, Hae R Youn; Chung, Jin

        · abstract in English     · text in English
 ·  Micrometric measurement of the density of stained odontoblast processes
Kohli, Alicia; Pezzotto, Stella M.; Garcia, Graciela; Poletto, Leonor C.

        · abstract in English     · text in English
 Brief Note
 ·  Assessment of gonadal follicle size in the invading bivalve Limnoperna fortunei (Mytilidae)
Guimarey, Pilar; Darrigran, Gustavo; Damborenea, Cristina; Penchaszadeh, Pablo E.

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