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Instructions to authors


Scope and policy


ANDES accepts unpublished articles in Spanish and English for publication, to be considered by the Editorial Committee and external consultants, or external referees selected on an ad hoc basis. Articles should be accompanied by a note requesting the article’s inclusion in Andes, the author’s personal details and organization.
Original articles should be submitted in Word Perfect 5.1 or later or Word 6.0 or later. Graphs should be drawn on compatible programs (Corel Chart or Microsoft Excel). Articles should be sent to the journal on a floppy disk, accompanied by 2 (two) printed copies, including no more than 5 (five) keywords in Spanish and English and the corresponding abstract in no more than 20 (twenty) lines, also in Spanish and English.
References to the article, the author and organization should be included at the foot of the first page; notes and bibliography (if the author deems this necessary) should go at the end of the text, in that order. If graphs, charts or maps are included, the author must indicate the place in the text where these should go.



Form and preparation of manuscripts


Bibliographical citations should observe the following format:
a) For articles: Surname and name of author, “Article Title”, in Title of Journal or Compilation, Name of Publisher, Place and Date of Publication, P. or Pp.
b) For books:  Surname and name of author, Book Title, Name of Publisher, Place and Date of Publication, P. or Pp.
c) In the case of citations from document sources the following abbreviations are recommended (in Spanish): Vol. (Volumen); Leg. (Legajo); Carp. (Carpeta); Expte. (Expediente); F. o Fs. (Folio/s).

Book reviews

Andes also accepts book reviews for publication, with a maximum length of 5 (five) pages, double-spaced in Times New Roman 12.
If the Editorial Committee accepts the review for publication, the author should send to the board of the journal authorisation for the work to be published online at the RedALyC portal and SciELO Argentina.



Sending of manuscripts


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