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Basic Information

MEDICINA (Buenos Aires) is a bimonthly journal, published with support of Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation. MEDICINA does not have commercial purposes. The aim of the journal is to promote the advancement of Medical Sciences in Argentina. Any benefit obtained will be applied to that objective.

MEDICINA welcomes articles devoted to different aspects of clinical and experimental research. The editorial board reserves the right to peer-review the manuscript and/ or submit it to referees, as well as to introduce, with the authors consent, all editorial changes deemed necessary to fulfil grammar and editorial needs.

The title is abbreviated as Medicina (B. Aires, en línea), and this should be used in bibliographies, footnotes, legends and bibliographical references. 


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Articles published by Medicina (Buenos Aires) are indexed or summarized in:

  • Basic Core of Scientific Argentine Journals
  • MEDLINE (PubMed)
  • ISI-THOMSON REUTERS (Journal Citation Report, Current Contents, Biological Abstracts, Biosis)
  • Life Sciences
  • CABI (Global Health)
  • Scopus
  • Excerpta Medica (Amsterdam)
  • SciElo
  • BVS (Biblioteca Virtual en Salud)
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