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Instructions to authors


Scope and policyt

MASTOZOOLOGÍA NEOTROPICAL is a biannual (June and December) journal devoted to the communication of results of original research on living and extinct Neotropical mammals. Beginning in 2018 (volume 25), MASTOZOOLOGÍA NEOTROPICAL will no longer be published on paper and will be available only online.  The journal considers two main types of manuscripts: 1) articles: up to 12,000 words in total and up to 10 figures/tables; and 2) notes: less than 3,000 words in total and up to 3 figures/tables. Abstracts of theses and dissertations are published at the end of each issue.   Other types of manuscripts are published only by invitation from the Editor.  The journal avoids publishing technical reports, lists of species of local interest, or observations that might motivate but do not, as such, represent research.



Form and preparation of manuscripts

MASTOZOOLOGÍA NEOTROPICAL accepts manuscripts in Spanish, Portuguese, and (American) English.  MASTOZOOLOGÍA NEOTROPICAL is currently co-edited by the Sociedad Argentina para el Estudio de los Mamíferos (SAREM) and the Sociedade Brasileira de Mastozoologia (SBMz). Members of SAREM or SBMz that are up to date with their annual dues can publish in the journal at no cost; charges for non-members are 20 US dollars per printed page.  The author submitting a manuscript to MASTOZOOLOGÍA NEOTROPICAL attests that research reported in the manuscript is original and is only under consideration by the journal, and that the manuscript and its eventual publication in the journal is approved by all authors.

Detailed guidelines can be downloaded here.



Sending of manuscripts

Manuscripts must be submitted through the journal’s online system (http://ojs.sarem.org.ar/index.php/mn/).  Manuscripts that do not follow the editorial norms or that are judged not to fit the journal’s profile will be rejected without review.  Otherwise, each manuscript will be assigned to an Associate Editor, who may either reject the manuscript directly or send it for external review.  With the assistance of the reviews, Associate Editors will reach an initial decision to accept, reject, or request a revised version of the manuscript.  Revised versions, if requested, should be returned to the Associate Editor in charge within two months, with extensions granted at his/her discretion upon request.  Associate Editors may request additional revisions directly or following a second round of reviews.  Delays beyond those agreed upon with the Associate Editors will result in the rejection of the manuscript.
Accepted manuscripts will be forwarded to the Editor, who will request high resolution (≥ 300 dpi) version of the figures and forward the manuscript to the Style Editor for final editing and preparation of page proofs. The Treasurers of SAREM/SBMz will contact the authors as needed regarding page charges or waivers for members in good standing.



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