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Instructions to authors


Scope and editorial policy

The Editorial Committee encourages the presentation of contributions. All contributions will be submitted to peer review. The identity of authors and referees will be maintained confidential.



Form and preparation of manuscripts

1) Works should be presented on white paper size 29.7cm x 21cm, double-spaced, in 30 lines of 80 characters (with spaces), margins of 3cm, sending two copies for evaluation by external referees to the Editorial Committee of the journal and an electronic copy in Microsoft Word.
2) Send the title in Spanish and English, with an abstract in Spanish and English of no more than 14 lines, and 4 or 5 keywords in Spanish and English.
3) Length of contributions: articles: up to 35 pages, Notes and Papers: up to 20 pages, and book reviews up to 5 pages.
4) Charts and graphs should be included on separate pages from the text and should be printed and accompanied by an electronic copy of the original version.
5) Citations should be at the foot of the page. For bibliographical references include the author’s surname, publication year and page, with reference to a bibliography of the works cited which should be included at the end of the work, containing the following data in the order as follows:

        1. Surname (in capitals) and name of author
        2. publication date in parentheses
        3. Title of work in bold
        4. place of publication
        5. publisher
        6. volume, issue, etc. In the case of articles from journals, the title of the article should be in inverted commas and the name of the journal in bold.

6) Indicate at the foot of the first page the author’s academic details (University or  Institution, etc.) as well as references to the work presented (if it is a preview or abstract of research, article, book, seminar or other)
7) Abbreviations should be coherent throughout the article and easily identifiable. Where necessary, include a list at the ending with the meanings of each of them.



Sending manuscripts

Originals should be accompanied by the address and telephone number of the author. The journal takes no responsibility for returning original manuscripts, even if they are not published.

Postal Address: Gil 353, 3º Piso, Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina (CP L6300DUG). Telephone: 02954-451648/451617 - Fax: (54 2954)43-3037 and 43-3408 02954-433037
e-mail: iesh@fchst.unlpam.edu.ar - silviadi@fchst.unlpam.edu.ar

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