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The Revista de la Asociación Geológica Argentina  is published quarterly by the Asociación Geológica Argentina.

Frecuency: irregular (1or 2 volumes/year).

Durning 2009 and 2010 the frequency of publication  of the the journal was increased from 1 to  2 volumes per year. This change, permited a notable reduction  up to 8 months in the time between of reception and publication of a manuscript. The  subcomission of publication of the AGA, has been modified in order to modernise the structure of the editorial board, replacing the figure of Director  of the journal  by the Editor and Co-Editor. In the same way,  thematic editors have been  introduced to cover areas in vacancy. For  satisfaction of the geological community , institutions like CONICET recognised the  journal  in the  advance of the geological sciences in a regional  level and  as a comunication way of geological subjects.

Its abbreviated title is Rev. Asoc. Geol. Argent. (en línea) and it should be used in bibliographies, footnotes, references and bibliographic strips.



Information Services


the Revista de la Asociación Geológica Argentina are indexed by:

  • Bibliography and Index of Geology
  • Georef Thesaurus and Guide to Indexing
  • Geo Abstracts
  • Mineralogical Abstracts
  • Zoological Record




Revista de la Asociación Geológica Argentina maintains a commitment to the policies of Open Access to scientific information, as it considers that both scientific publications as well as research investigations funded by public resources should circulate freely without restrictions.

Revista de la Asociación Geológica Argentina ratifies the Open Access model in which scientific publications are made freely available at no cost online, with no time embargos and with no publication costs transferred to the authors. This policy seeks to dismantle the economic barriers that have created inequalities in the access to both information and the ability to publish investigation results




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