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Instructions to authors


Scope and policy


The RLF is open to all philosophical schools, ideas and orientations; its only requirement is that all concepts be developed with thoroughness and expressed by rational argument, that is to say, using reason as the final universally valid court of appeal. As well as the theses put forward, we are concerned with the arguments that support them. 
An Article consists of a piece of work containing a thesis, developed in the area of Systematic Philosophy or History of Philosophy.
Maximum length: 10,000 words.
Survey Article
A Survey Article is a work designed to offer a systematic overview of the most recent literature on a particular subject, belonging to the area of Systematic Philosophy or History of Philosophy. Occasionally it can be a wide-ranging review of a recently published book that the Editorial Committee regards as especially relevant.
Maximum length: 6,000 words.
Short Paper
A Short Paper is a brief piece of work that deals with a singular aspect of a wider subject, being systematic or exegetic.
Maximum length: 5,000 words.
A Discussion article is a work designed to confront some of the theses developed in the original articles and, eventually, the answer from the discussed/analyzed author.
Maximum length: 3,000 words.



Form and preparation of manuscripts


Instructions for contributors
To those who wish to contribute
1. Submissions must be sent to the Editorial Committee or to the RLF’s Consultants.
2. The authors can send their submissions in Spanish or Portuguese, either by e-mail attachment or by mailing them to the RLF’s address. They should also include the following information in a separate paper or file: author’s complete name, work’s title, file name, program used, word count. The work must be double-spaced, printed on one side of the page only, with wide margins and no corrections. To facilitate blind review, the author’s identity must only appear in a separate page or document.
3. The articles have a maximum length of 10,000 words; the survey articles essays, a maximum of 6,000 words; the short papers, 5,000; the discussions, 3,000; and the book reviews, 1,000. The maximum number of words includes the main text, the footnotes and the references. The Editorial Committee reserves the right to consider the publication of works that exceed these limits. Contributors should send two abstracts, one in Spanish and another in English, whose word count, in each case, must not exceed 120 words. Each abstract should include, at the end, 3 to 5 keywords, in the appropriate language. An up-to-date curriculum, within 100 words, should also be included. The abstracts and keywords will be added to the works of each contributor in the same file; the curriculum should be sent separately.
4. Additional passages or modifications will not be admitted once the submission has been approved by the Editorial Committee.
5. When quoting a book, the following order should be respected: (a) author’s complete name; (b) title (in italics); (c) place of publication; (d) name of press; (e) date of publication; (f) volume, etc. as may be appropriate, and pages quoted. In the case of articles from journals, the proper order would be: (a) author’s complete name; (b) title (between quotation marks); (c) name of the journal (in italics); (d) volume; (e) year (in parentheses / brackets) and (f) page numbers.  
6. The RLF publishes articles and short papers only from Ibero-American philosophers, with the exception of contributions to conferences/meetings, colloquia, etc. organized by the CIF, or considered of interest to the CIF. Contributions by philosophers from other origins will be welcomed in the sections of Discussion, Survey Articles, Book Reviews, Contemporary Philosophy and Chronicles.
7. Submissions must not be previously published. After being accepted for publication, they will not be allowed for reproduction without the Editorial Committee’s authorization.
8- The authors will receive a free sample copy of the RLF and five (5) separatae from their articles or contributions. Furthermore, they will be able to acquire up to fifteen (15) separatae at cost price.
9. RLF reserves the right to publish the contributions on its webpage (, as well as in paper.
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 Instructions for review submissions
Categories of response to submissions:
The articles will be classified into one of the following categories:
A. (Unconditional Acceptance): the work deserves to be published exactly as submitted, without any amendments or additions, except for minor stylistic or detailed changes.
B. (Acceptance with (minor) revision): publication of the work is recommended, but some modifications are suggested in a small number of passages.
C. (Conditional Acceptance): publication of the work depends on a certain number of changes considered essential.
D. (Rejection): publication of the work is not recommended, not even with considerable changes, because a complete reformulation of the text is required.



Sending of manuscripts


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