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Travesía, which has 17 years old, is published by the Instituto de Estudios Socio-Económicos, Facultad de Ciencias Económicas, Universidad Nacional de Tucumán. The equipment belongs to the Instituto Superior de Estudios Sociales (ISES, UNT-CONICET). The responsible Editor of Travesía is Director of the ISES and Assistant Director-General of the Centro Científico Tecnológico (CCT-CONICET) – Tucumán.
Travesía. Revista de historia económica y social, biannual publication, was born in 1998 of a confluence of a group of researchers who were willing to sustain a publication about the region's economic history with academic excellence. It was agreed upon that the history, as a means of knowledge, should not tie itself to any orthodoxy or theoretical principles or normative methodologies that were exclusionary; and that the processes and economic institutions could not be tackled without taking into account “the inextricable relations between the economic vicissitudes and the social, political and cultural vicissitudes”, in Carlo Cipolla’s words. For that reason, Travesía accepts a plurality of points of view about economic and social regional processes in Latin America, as well as those referring to general problems in the disciplines that are concerned with a socio-historical analysis.

Frequency: six-monthly (2 issues/year).


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